Bumpdate: 17 weeks

I’m a few days late with this post, but I’m not apologizing for it. I was on vacation and it was wonderful to be disconnected for a week. (I managed to check my email a few times here and there, but that’s what ya gotta do when your husband is deployed!). 

We got back from our cruise yesterday—I promise not to wait weeks or months before writing about it—but in the meantime, my parents are still here, so I’m enjoying my time with them before they go back to the states, so posts may be scarce again this week.

The picture below was taken in a VERY hot Greece. I’m shocked I was actually smiling for the picture since sweat was running down my face—classy, right? I can’t even imagine what our trip would’ve been like if we went in the middle of summer. Despite the heat and insane amounts of walking, it was wonderful. 

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How far along: 17 weeks! 

Fun facts: The baby’s sweat glands are starting to develop, so I definitely gave little Pickles a run for its money while I was sweating up a storm this week! It’s skeleton is changing from cartilage to bone, the umbilical cord is getting stronger and thicker, and the baby’s starting to get finger prints!  

How big is the baby: One site says its the size of a sweet potato, another says a turnip, and even one more says an onion—these sites need to get on the same fruit/veggie page! An onion doesn’t make sense since last week it was avocado. I’m sticking with a sweet potato. It’s 5 ounces and about 5 inches long…about the size of an open hand!

Total weight gain: ….let’s not talk about this. I literally just got back from a cruise…with free, delicious food whenever I want. I’m drinking LOTS of water today to flush out the sodium I know was in the food. I didn’t overdue it at all, though. This baby makes me stop eating once I’m satisfied—I’ve maybe felt “full” once or twice.

Sleep: Sleeping on the ship was amazing. The rocking had me fast asleep every night.

Best moment of the week: Not having to make or plan out what I was going to eat. 

Food Cravings: Ketchup. I’ve never really been a fan of ketchup, but I’ve been using it a lot more often lately. I’ve also had my fair share of protein lately, which is good for the babe.

Food aversions: Nothing!

Movement:  Yes, maybe? I think I
felt Pickles move a few times. Possibly. It felt different from gas and not
like my stomach gurgling. I just want to feel it again!

Gender: Still several more weeks before we know…

What I’m looking forward to: REALLY feeling Pickles move and knowing it’s the baby.

What I really miss: Wearing a bathing suit. I never thought I’d say that, but I took both of my bathing suits (that I wore in July!) and it was the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever put on in my life. Holy cow!

Most worried about: Nothing lately, which is a nice feeling.

Most excited about: Appointment on Wednesday!


  1. Love reading your updates and it is so great you have this picture of you in Greece, I am sure your baby will think it is so cool when they grow up!

  2. I bet you did feel the baby! I started feeling Adam around 16-17 weeks and it was hard to be sure, but once once I started feeling him more I knew that's when it started. YAY, you are going to love it when the movement really gets started! 🙂

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