Bumpdate: 18 weeks

This week went by incredibly fast. Actually, this month flew by, which is exactly what I was hoping for back when my parents said they were coming out to visit. Before I got pregnant I wanted these six months to whiz on by, but now that I have a baby on the way I’m torn between wanting desperately to see my husband and then wanting time to slow down so we can enjoy time together before the baby gets here. The fact that I’m already 18 weeks is shocking!

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How far along: 18 weeks! 

Fun facts: The baby can flex its arms and legs! It can also yawn, hiccup, roll, twist, kick, punch, suck, and swallow. If Pickles is a girl, her uterus and fallopian tubes are formed and if its a boy his genitals are noticeable.

How big is the baby: 5 1/2 inches long—the size of a bell pepper or sweet potato—and almost weighs 7 ounces. 

Total weight gain: +5 total. Sigh. Apparently, since I was overweight to begin with, they only want me to gain between 11 and 15 pounds. The fact that I gained the about 4 pounds while on a cruise and while my parents are here (meaning we ate out ALL the time) didn’t phase the doc. I know that some of that weight is still bloat from all the sodium in the foods I ate, so I just need to be good again. Long story short: I know my body and I’m not worried about it.

Sleep: No problemo. I’m actually about to take a nap…

Best moment of the week: The doctor’s appointment where I got to hear the heartbeat again! Little Pickles was squirming around, but it’s heart beat around 160 bpm. Also, the lady who works at the pizzeria next door asked (using hand gestures) if I was pregnant. To be fair, my tummy was itching, so I was arching back and scratching it. It was still exciting that my bump looks more like a bump and not like I had too much pizza.

Food Cravings: Apples, possibly? Really nothing out of the ordinary.

Food aversions: Nothing!

Movement: YES! I think I can finally distinguish when its the baby moving. I just wish it was more often instead of once in a blue moon. I feel it the most—I think—when I turn to my side to sleep.

Gender: Made the appointment and it’s just three weeks away—October 18!

What I really miss: I don’t really miss it, but it’s strange how quickly my body is changing. I went to prenatal yoga on Friday and there were simple moves I could easily do before, but I had some difficulty (balance and just the bump getting in the way a little). It was interesting. 

Most worried about: Stuff that doesn’t really involve the pregnancy or the baby—it deals with the military and their horrible capability to make decisions regarding our lives.

Most I’m looking forward to: Anatomy scan in three weeks!!

Anything else? My burping is seriously getting out of control. It’s loud and sooo frequent! It doesn’t even matter if I’m in public or not.  


  1. Don't worry about weight gain, seriously. At 140 at my height, I was technically "overweight" even though I wasn't. They only wanted me to gain 15-20 pounds. I gained 29 pounds by the end, and they complained about it, but I wasn't worried. It's all a standard, but everyone is different.

  2. Jess as long as you don't go gaining 70lbs or something crazy I would take what they say and just go yup umh huh. They were on me like white on rice when i was preggo. scaring me about what complications and risks i could potentially have since I was already very overweight to begin with. I was at 24oish when i got preggo and about 270 when i had sofia. I had zero complications, had her naturally and on base. My friends that were preggo with me who were normal skinny folk had more issues with me one of them getting gestational diabetes and what not. So I don't think it matters how healthy or unhealthy you are just luck and genes maybe lol?

    Im sure you will be fine! And once again so happy for you and good luck during that anatomy scan ..my child never showed us !

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