A Spooky Halloween Care Package

I did a very scary thing earlier this month. I went to the commissary and spent $40 on nothing but bags and bags and bags of candy. Actually, that’s not the scary part. TWO frightening things happened with this care package: 

1) The box weighed 16 pounds! SIXTEEN pounds of candy! 
2) I didn’t eat a single piece of that candy. 
Crazy, right?

I bought the candy with a malicious thought in mind. See, my husband has a way of losing weight when he deploys, and if you’ve seen him in real life then you know he’s tall, skinny, and doesn’t need to lose weight. Not only that, but his wife back home isn’t exactly getting any smaller these days. So I did something mean. I sent him all that candy and selfishly wanted him to eat ALL of it. Of course, I knew he’d share the loot with everyone else there, so my evil scheme quickly went down the drain, but it was worth a shot.

On top of spending $40 on Snickers, Reese’s, Butterfingers, Hershey’s, and any other treats I could get my hands on, I also made Reese’s Pieces cookies (just made the Nestle Tollhouse recipe and subbed the fun candies for chocolate chips), and decorated the box with fun duct tape, a great Halloween card, and a whole nest of spiderwebs that I tangled throughout all the candy and cookies.

With the exception of getting dressed up if we have a party to go to, we don’t really celebrate Halloween, but I can imagine that when you’re deployed you really miss all the holidays. I liked putting this fun box together! 

Oh, and it sounds like my husband and whoever he shared the treats with liked it, too: 

 Hope you have a happy and safe Halloween! 
Little Pickles and I will be sporting our pumpkin shirt around town again today 🙂 What are you dressing up as? And more importantly, what’s your favorite candy? (I’m all about Twizzlers, Reese’s, and Nutella {does Nutella count as a “candy”?}!) 


  1. So sweet! Personally I think Nutella should count as a vegetable so when I eat it out of the jar it can be healthy 😉

  2. awww… that's so nice. My hubby hasn't deployed yet, but my brother is in Afghanistan right now. He's NOT losing weight, he's packing on muscle like crazy!

    Anyway, I'm glad those guys enjoyed the nummies. They need those pick-me-ups while they're out there.

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