Bumpdate: 19 Weeks

My original plan was to post Bumpdates on Fridays, but life keeps getting in the way. This week my excuse was that I went to a costume party on Friday night and was planning on getting a belly shot that night. Then, I had a bit of a distraction from a certain Mr. Grey and Ms. Steele. I read the first two Fifty Shades books over the course of two days and I’m about to start the third. Long story short, I’ll post them when I can! 

So as I said above, I went to a costume party this weekend! Like the true procrastinator that I am, I had no idea what to “be” or dress up as. With limited resources out here, old costumes that don’t fit anymore, and no desire to actually spend money, I asked for your ideas on my Facebook page. You guys are so creative!! I really wanted to make myself into a Prego spaghetti sauce jar, but just couldn’t find enough stuff here to make it work. So instead I tweaked Kira’s idea and made a pumpkin face out of duct tape! 

That’s the lovely Tessa from Ciao, Blogga posing with me!

Having fun with different lighting! Say high to Pickles the Pumpkin!

Not too shabby if I do say so myself! I have no idea if I’ll dress up later in the month, so I figured I’d just go ahead and go with the pumpkin picture for this week’s Bumpdate. It’s October, so I think it’s safe. I wish I had better Photoshop skills…I think it look kinda silly with the cut-out pics, but oh well.

click to enlarge

How far along: 19 weeks! 

Fun facts: If the baby’s going to have hair, this is when it starts “sprouting.” (Additional fun fact: I was bald until I was about two years old. Here’s hoping my kid has hair!) Its sensory system is developing so it can smell, taste, hear, see, and touch.

How big is the baby: Pickles is around 8.5 ounces and measures 6 inches! One site says its the size of a large heirloom tomato and the other says a mango. I’m going with a mango.  

Sleep: I’m sleeping fine, but I keep switching from my right to left side about 55 times a night.

Best moment of the week: FEELING PICKLES KICK ME! (see more below)

Food Cravings: Eh, nothing stands out. I’m trying to eat more protein, just because I know the baby needs it.

Food aversions: That darn rotisserie chicken smelled gross again today at the commissary. Maybe it never smelled good to begin with? 

Movement: YES! So every night when I get to bed I lie down and place my hands on my belly to see if I can feel it move. Earlier in the week I was definitely able to distinguish the baby from indigestion, which was awesome to finally tell the difference. So there I was on Friday just relaxing and almost falling asleep when all of a sudden I felt this “blump” feeling and along with it I realized that my hand moved at the same time! It. Was. SO. COOL! It only happened that one time (that I know of and felt), but I’m so excited to feel it again.

Gender: The appointment is less than TWO weeks away—October 18!

What I really miss: I missed alcohol on Friday night: peach prosecco (totally had a delicious sip), jungle juice, jello shots, and alcohol-soaked gummy bears.

Most worried about: I felt really good this past week, so I’m getting nervous about all the weeks to come.

Most I’m looking forward to: Feeling Pickles move again and the anatomy scan!!

Anything else? I don’t mean this to sound cocky, but you know that “glow” people talk about? I don’t necessarily feel like I’m glowing (can you actually feel that?), but when I look at pictures from Friday night I just look different. I look happy and healthy and that makes me feel really good to see. (I’m sure it also helps that I made an effort that night and not only did I put on makeup, but I wore contacts and I curled my hair! A little TLC can go a long way in my case!) 


  1. SO EXCITED that you felt Pickles move! And I love the pumpkin shirt, it's adorable and you really do look so happy and healthy. Keep it up mama!

  2. Yay for feeling the baby move!!! That was my absolute FAVORITE part of being pregnant – even toward the end when it was uncomfortable. I loved knowing her like that. =)

    Also, I think about EVERYONE I know told me I "was glowing" when I was pregnant. I never really saw it. I mean, yeah, I looked happy in pictures but… I don't know. I didn't see it. Maybe it's something only other people see? *shrugs*

  3. Love the pumpkin idea! Such a cute idea!
    I was bald til I was about two as well…Bennett actually had hair so keep hope!!!
    Can't wait to find out what you are having, so fun =)

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