Bumpdate: 21 Weeks

You guys, taking these pictures is starting to get awkward, not gonna lie. But my mom and grandma remind me when they’re not up by Friday, so here I am on Sunday night taking pictures of myself in my dining room and putting it all together while watching Psych (which, by the way, is a great show to have on in the background!). 

The big news for this week was obviously finding out that we’re having a little girl! To be honest, I’m still floating on cloud 10. Your comments for the gender reveal AND for the video of us telling my parents I’m pregnant are so welcomed. I love reading all of them! I promise I have some posts that aren’t baby-related coming up, so thanks for hanging with me!

I ended up buying another pair of maternity jeans. The ones I’ve been wearing are getting a little tight in the tummy. I own another pair from Old Navy, but they’re too big and I’m constantly pulling them up. Hopefully this next pair will work out, because the BX here only has “maternity” pants with the stretchy elastic in the waist or the little demi-panel available, and I’m waaaaay past using either of those. Long story short, I may just wear leggings and dresses for the next 19 weeks.

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How far along: 21 weeks (21 weeks 2 days today)

Fun facts: Since Pickles is a girl, apparently her womb now has her lifetime supply of eggs—all SIX MILLION of them! Although, that number apparently drops to around one million by birth. 

How big is the baby: According to the scan, Pickles weighs +/- 15 ounces right now! I think he mentioned the length, but I don’t remember right now. As for the fruit of the week: it’s the length of a carrot.

Sleep: Fine and dandy.

Best moment of the week: The anatomy scan. The entire appointment was just amazing. My favorite part (besides finding out the gender later) was seeing the brain. I wish I knew beforehand that I was going to see it, because I would’ve looked at it a little closer. How often do you get to see a brain? It was so clear, too! You could see the right and left hemisphere and the skull. Simply amazing. Second best moment: feeling her move around. I just love it so much!

Food Cravings: Milkshakes! I was craving them a few weeks ago when we were on our cruise, but they’re back now. Aannnnd now I want another one .

Food aversions: Nada

Movement: Yup! Still not feeling it on the outside, but she’s twisting, turning, squirming and moving all around. I love it.

Gender: GIRL! Even though the tech said he’s 95% sure he’s right, I’m still nervous that I”ll give birth and she will be a he. I may have another ultrasound when I go back to the states for the holidays, so maybe they can get a second look then.

What I really miss: Wine and Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Most worried about: That she’s not a she, but a he. We’ll see! 

I’m looking forward to:
Feeling it kick on the outside and just more moving around. I love the feeling…although I’ve already said that a lot.

Anything else? I bought some cute clothes for her 🙂 It’s also strange calling her a “her” after calling her an “it” for so long.


  1. I love your little updates. It's so fun to relieve pregnancy again, vicariously through you. It is such a special time! Glad everything is still going great.

  2. Just discovered your blog, so I wanted to wish you a big Congrats on your pregnancy! What an exciting time this must be for you!

    I am about 21 weeks preggo too. 🙂 Found out we were having a boy and the first thing I did was ordered a bunch of clothes. That's one of the fun parts to all this, right?! 🙂


  3. Random people swore I was going to have a boy by the way I carried. I said, that's too bad because he'll be in a pink car seat wearing girl clothes! Good thing she came out a girl lol

  4. I wear leggings and dresses and I'm not pregnant at all, just too lazy to buy pants that fit and then hem them. So, don't feel bad. The pictures are great, even if you feel like they are a pain I don't know anyone who took weekly photos and then regretted it, how about that!

  5. hi there! stopped over from New Girl on Post – we just moved to wiesbaden & I'm 29.5 weeks now (it's a boy!) it's been great being pregnant over here. congratulations on your girl – i did a top five of my favorite pregnancy perks recently so if you're looking for recommendations, feel free to stop by. hope the rest of your pregnancy is supa smooth sailing!

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