Dear Friday

I’ve seen these Friday Letters floating around each week and I’ve been wanting to write a post for awhile, but just kept forgetting. When someone/something/some place bothers me I always tell my husband that I’m going to write them a letter (said in a very angry/irritated tone, of course). I never end up writing said letter. Until now…

 Dear Air Force,


    I have four words for you: Get your act together. You’re toying with our lives even more than usual and I’m absolutely running out of patience. I’m pregnant, hormonal, and not only do I need to start making a registry and buying things for our first child, but I’m going to start nesting soon and would very much like to know if we’re staying in Italy or going. We’re staying? We’re leaving? MAKE UP YOUR FREAKING MIND ALREADY. I don’t care if you don’t tell us where we’re going yet, but just tell us something other than “we don’t know,” because that line is getting really, really old. Also, since I don’t have a congressman to act on our behalf out here, I’m going to start writing some pretty angry emails if decisions aren’t made soon. Consider this your warning. 
(side note: i haven’t talked about this, because we obviously don’t have answers {see above letter}, but there’s a rumor that the squadron may not be closing…or
maybe it will be…who the heck knows, so while I know it’s very much
like the military to withhold information regarding PCSing, we’d just
like to know if we’re leaving in six months or two years.)

Dear Pickles,
   I’m hungry alllllllll the time now, which means I think you’re growing. That makes me happy. Really happy. Keep doing your thing and I’ll keep feeding you! By the way, it would be REALLY great if you would like it when I make green chile stew and not have it give me heartburn. K. Thanks.
Dear Volkswagen Beatles, 
    Every time I see one of you decked out in your sleek adjective-worth color it makes me miss my husband and the Slug Bug game we used to play. Please stop appearing within eyesight. 
Dear Mother Nature,
    I’m loving the light rain, gray skies, and cooler weather these days. I’ve even started to notice some leaves changing color. This is my favorite time of the year! Thanks for being awesome. 
Dear husband,
    I miss you. You left three months ago and I miss you so much that I truly ache for you. I heard our song yesterday and just about lost it. Then I heard Adele (Hey, it’s Adele!) and laughed. We’re halfway through this thing and I’m busy making plans for the next few months so they’ll go by as fast as possible. Thanks for our most recent chats. Even though I haven’t heard your voice in awhile, it’s nice to “instantly” be able to talk to you. 
Dear Google,
    Thanks for your chat feature in Gmail. You’ve helped keep this military family in happy communication since 2006. 

Dear Fifty Shades of Grey,
Oh my! I started reading you yesterday and I’m pretty sure I’ll finish the book today. *Blushing*



  1. Oh, Air Force. Doesn't it sometimes make you wonder how anything ever gets done? I hope it helps for you to know that you're not alone – it seems plenty of people don't know where they go next from over here in England until just a few months (or less) to go (leaving really no time for planning). I hope that you get some straight answers!

  2. I LOVE reading your letters, hopefully the Air Force will let you know what's going on soon so you can start planning what you need for the baby!
    Speaking of, I am hoping you will still post a new bump update!!!

  3. I am so sorry the Air Force is jerking y'all around. I have heard similar things from my Army friends stationed in Germany. I hope that you can get some clarifications soon.

  4. Ha! I just witnessed the closing of one of the wings here, it takes some time and strategic planning on the Air Force's and Base's part. I would assume your moving until told other wise and as much as you hate not knowing it's better than listening to the rumors because they are what they are…rumors.

  5. I hope you get the benefit of ANSWERS soon! I would love to have you back in the South East if that's an option 🙂 if so… cue stalkinggggg!! (me, of you!)

  6. Oh my… I can only imagine how hard that is. The Air Force seems to be the thing to try our patience the most! I hope it gets figured out soon, until then enjoy your pregnancy!! 🙂

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