It’s the Simple Things

I was craving tacos yesterday, but I was missing some essential ingredients (tomatoes and lettuce), so I threw on my coat and scarf, grabbed my umbrella, and braced myself for the downpour outside. Dark storm clouds rolled in on Friday and it’s been pouring every since. Last week was sunny and warm, but yesterday I turned on my heater to prep for the cooler temperatures heading our way. 

So when I managed to go out during the ten-minute rain break, I was pretty happy. I got my veggies and was heading back inside my warm home to make dinner, but then I looked to my left. There’s a tiny vineyard (really, just a grapevine) next to my house—oh, how very cliche of you, Italy!—and I’ve been meaning to take pictures of it for the past year we’ve lived here. Only I haven’t. At all. I’ve felt guilty about not taking advantage of something so beautiful, so yesterday I did something about it. 

The rain picked up again in the form of a soft drizzle, and I almost decided to forgo my idea and just go back inside, but then kicked myself for being threatened by a little water. I moved across the soft, mossy ground, and felt water from the tall grass seep into my TOMS. The grapevine is unkept, exploding with overgrown branches and leaves, but I managed to find a patch where the grapes were visible on the vine and I took a picture with my iPhone. 

I spend so much of my time cooped up in my house that I forget what gorgeous sites are literally right outside my door. I live in Italy and sometimes I completely forget how lucky I am. I’m going to try, even if it is just with my iPhone, to take more simple snapshots like this more often. 

What simple things happened to you this past week? 


  1. Hi,
    I am visiting from the Simple as That link up. What a sight right outside your door! Its a great photo – the water drops are perfect. Thanks also for dropping by littleivyblog.com

  2. Such a great reminder, so many times I am saying I wish I would have brought my camera and then just forget all about it till the next time!

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