I can’t tell you how happy I am October is here! 

October is…
one month closer to seeing my husband again
one month closer to meeting my baby!
the month we find out if Pickles is a boy or a girl 🙂 
the month I visit Rome for a day!
the month a Casey visits all the way from German!
my sister-in-law’s birthday!
the month I attempt to send my husband four different care packages!

But, this post is about September. Last month was amazing and having my parents here made it extra sweet. I have one or two more posts about the wedding we went to in England and then I can start chatting about our cruise!

In September…
I probably drank around 7 gallons of milk
I wore the same shade of nail polish the entire month 
I drank fresh-squeezed grape juice. It was awesome.
I went to my first Italian Catholic mass.
We went to Germany, Austria, Greece, and Turkey! 
I had room service almost daily, ate around eight meals a day, and made the best apple crisp I’ve ever tasted. 
I welcomed my parents to Italy and then put them on a plane back to New Mexico three weeks later. 
I cried.
I laughed.
I bought a wine barrel!

Summing up September in pictures: 
 Photo descriptions and larger versions of each picture are on the JLW Facebook page, so head on over and “like” your favorite! 

you’re participating this month, here
are the new prompts!
Are you participating this month?



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