The Time I Met Alex Trebek

A few weeks ago our base announced that a “special celebrity” would make an appearance sometime in October. The last time the USO brought “special” people to visit, it was the American Idol rejects, and another time they brought country singer “stars” that nobody had ever heard of. (Seriously, American Idol fans I know couldn’t even remember who these people were.) I’m grateful the USO brings people out to military bases overseas, but I wasn’t holding my breath for this particular announcement. 

But then they finally said who was coming out here. None other than Mr. Jeopardy himself, Alex Trebek! SWEET!

When we were in the states, my husband and I watched Jeopardy every night after dinner. He would answer almost every question correctly, while I was happy if I got one or two right over the course of the show. Trebek was part of our daily lives! Meeting him would be such a thrill. 

For two hours today on base there was a meet and greet session, a brain bus game, and the Jeopardy team was searching for contestants to appear on their Military Week episodes next year. The search was open to active duty military members and their spouses. I so wish my husband was here to apply (I think he can actually apply online), because I could definitely see him making it to the next round. 

I only went to the meet and greet portion, because unless they could guarantee that the questions they’d ask me would be pulled from the “kids week” stack, I had no chance. 

Not gonna lie, I was a little nervous to meet Trebek, but he was very nice and chatty! We talked about the weather (so cliche!), how long my husband has been away, when he’s coming back, where he is, and then we talked about the baby. He thinks it’s going to be a girl (!!) and suggested the name Alex or Alexis, depending on what it is. I told him I’d think about it 🙂 

Oh, and then I had my picture taken with him! 

Yeah, it turns out that’s his smile. I saw a few other photos and he has the same look in all of them. I guess he saves the real grins for the TV show.

Anywho, that was my eventful morning!


  1. That is seriously awesome!!! We watched Jeopardy a lot before we cancelled our cable (sad face). I've watched it practically all my life. I used to watch it with my grandparents in the afternoons after school. I guess it's a little tradition or something….

  2. That is so funny that he suggested Alex or Alexis! Seriously, I love when celebrities are actually chatty and say memorable things like that. TOO COOL! I'm in awe of your celeb-meeting status!

  3. So….stinking….jealous!!!! What a cool experience. And I watch Jeopardy every day pretty much, so I would have totally geeked out if I were in your shoes! And dang, I would have totally wanted to audition to be a contestant, even if I would have failed miserably…haha!

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