Bumpdate: 23 weeks

I want to thank you for all of the emails, comments, messages, tweets, etc., I got regarding my last bumpdate. You guys know how to make a girl and her baby feel loved. 

I like to think I’m fairly open regarding my life on here, but I still don’t feel comfortable discussing what’s going on. I have an appointment later this week with the doctor, and after I get more information I’ll probably share more with you. Keeping mum and only telling a few people has actually helped keep me calm and much less anxious about this week. I know people have good intentions, but I think it’s human nature to want to offer opinions and advice, and I just can’t handle that right now. So in the meantime, prayers, good vibes, good thoughts, good juju, and whatever other good things you have to send our way are more than welcome 🙂

Okay, enough cryptic talk! This week was good. Little Pickles decided to take it easy for a couple days, which had me a little worried since I didn’t feel her move much, but then she picked it up and has been squirming around a lot lately. I know I keep saying this, but feeling her move brings me so much comfort and joy.

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How far along: 23 weeks (+ 2 days)

Fun facts: Her face is fully formed—minus the baby fat—and she’s starting to sprout two little nipples (ha!). Not only can she hear what’s going on, but her since of movement is developed, so she can feel me move/dance! Blood vessels are also developing to help her prepare to breathe.  

How big is the baby: She’s the size of a grapefruit or a mango, and is more than 11 inches long. She also weighs just over a pound!


Sleep: I stay up late and have been getting up pretty early. I blame the staying-up-late part on the deployment and getting up early is probably the baby. I usually go to the bathroom several times a night and after the last time (around 4 or 5 am) I’m wide awake. Luckily, I can usually take a nap during the day.

Best moment of the week:

Turning up the music and feeling her move and thump around more. She was jamming out to Sara Bareilles and Elvis this week!

Food Cravings: milkshakes and meat (not together). 

Food aversions: Nada. I think I can maybe delete this question? 


YES! When she was calm earlier this week it freaked me out, so I had some cranberry juice and about 10 minutes later I felt her squirm. I love watching my belly move. This morning she was thumping around on the right side and then it was in the middle and then it was on the left. So, so neat! She’s very camera shy, though. I’ve been trying to get the little thumps on video to show my husband, but the second I start recording she stops moving. 

Gender: GIRL! Going to reconfirm it this week 🙂 

What I really miss: Wine, beer, and raw fish. I went out for sushi twice this week and REALLY wanted some tuna or spicy salmon…I just don’t know how much I trust the fish here, so I opted for the cooked versions.

Most worried about: my upcoming appointment.   

I’m looking forward to: Seeing her again at my next appointment. 

Anything else? All I do is drink water like a fish, but my fingers and feet are already starting to swell a little 🙁 My TOMS even felt tight this week! I may just be that crazy pregnant woman wearing sandals in the middle of winter. My rings can still move on and off, but I’m curious when I’ll need to take them off. 


  1. Praying for you girl; I'm so thankful your Momma can come and be with you during this time. When you're comfortable to share, we're here to listen and pray more specifically. I know you're taking good care of yourself. Miss you!

  2. It must be so crazy to have a name picked out and keep it "mum" for so long! But I bet Pickles will be a nickname for life! 😉

  3. Isn't it the best when your baby dances on the inside?! One of my favorites. In fact, my son is still a huge music fan and I was pretty sure he would be while I was pregnant. Funny.

    I still hope things are going to be okay with you and baby. Try not to stress to much and all of us in the blogging world are ready to love and support you when/if you decide to share. Sending prayers.

  4. 36 weeks here, and it's the dead of winter and I am wearing flip flops, because them and my uggs are the only shoes I can comfortably wear, and bending down to put on my uggs is just too much work most of the time.

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