You guys, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but it’s NOVEMBER! Months ago, when the deployment started, I was anxious about October, because my planner was completely empty. Empty calendars during deployments are not good. Luckily, the month flew by just like the others! 

In October I…
mailed out three care packages.
ate Japanese food twice.
had a lovely chat with Alex Trebek.
traipsed around The Eternal City.  
hung out with a fellow blogger.
spent a day in Venice. 
wrote a new Tale of Two Kitchens Post: Super Simple Breakfast Burritos, check it out!
“dressed” my unborn child up like a pumpkin!   
Summing up October in photos:

 Photo descriptions and larger versions of each picture are on the JLW Facebook page, so head on over and “like” your favorite! 

I’m on a roll with this project! I can’t believe I’ve kept it up this long. If you’re interested, here are the prompts for this month: 

What are you looking forward to this month?!


  1. OMG!! I found you through Keeping Up with the cotes. I bet you get this all the time, b/c I do. My name is Jessica Lynn too. I go by Jessa now. I'm one of your newest followers.

  2. Nice job keeping up with the photo a day challenge. Maybe that will be my New Year's Resolution — photo a day. Well done! I think your pumpkin belly is just adorable.

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