Bumpdate: 30 Weeks

You’d think I’d have more time to write since I’ve been home sick most of this trip, but instead of being on my laptop—or out shopping for that matter—I’m usually either A) taking a nap or B) staring at my ever-growing belly and watching it bump around. True story. That’s why this post is a week late (I’m 31 weeks today). Well, that and because I’ve been in a bit of a blogging funk lately.

Last week is when I started to really feel pregnant. It’s like this bump has quadrupled in size since I’ve been out here. I know that sounds like I’m exaggerating, but that’s definitely how I feel. When I look down I have to bend forward to see my toes, and speaking of bending forward…I definitely have to squat if I need something from the ground. Oh, and walking is officially more of a slow waddle—she’s still so low that I just don’t have the ability to walk normal. I’m also tired again like I was in the first trimester, but I don’t know if it’s pregnancy related or because I’m still trying to get healthy.

Anywho, here’s last week’s photo. And yes, it’s the same dress I wore the week before for my baby shower, because it’s the only dress I have out here. Thank goodness it’s super comfy!

Forgot to mention this in the note above, but I took this picture at my in-laws’ house on Christmas Eve! And as always, click the image to enlarge.

Yeah…I’m not bothering with the little survey for last week. I’m flying back to Italy tomorrow, but hopefully I can get my 31-week photo taken before I leave so I can get back on track with these and start writing about some other stuff. Thanks for sticking around…  


  1. I know the feeling, I'm pretty sure I popped out in just a few days and now I'm hugely pregnant! You look fantastic, I can't even tell that you weren't feeling well. I hope your trip home was fantastic despite the ickiness.

  2. You are so good about taking photos and writing down what you are going through each week! High fives for you! This is my second pregnancy and for each one I just never got around to taking photos or journaling about the process. Perhaps the third one will be the charm?! ha ha.

    You look beautiful in that dress. Have a safe flight and lovely New Year!


  3. Geez girl! I feel like a tiny bumper now! We are doing maternity photos in 2 weeks while we are home "for the holidays" and I was just thinking today that my bump is completely unimpressive here–seems like I was right! I'm 28 weeks tomorrow and definitely bigger the farther into the day I go, but I'm wondering if it will even really show for pictures!

    Did you do yours at 30 weeks? I know you said you were going to, but hadn't heard anything about it!

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