When Plans Change

I’ll be honest, my trip home hasn’t exactly gone to plan. This was the original plan: shop a lot (I have a list of things I need/want to buy while here), hang out with friends, eat at as many places as I possibly can (I haven’t even been to Chick-fil-A yet), work on lots of nursery projects I’ve had up my sleeve, see movies in the theater, and get a massage.

I’ve been here for two weeks and out of those 14 days I’ve felt healthy for maybe a total of two days. I went back to the urgent care on Monday and got a different medicine—the antibiotic didn’t work, which means what I have is probably viral. The new meds worked great the first day and I was thrilled, thinking I was finally getting better. Then the next day I started coughing so much again that I was getting lightheaded. Not good. The annoying thing is that I feel fine at night and in the morning, but as soon as mid-morning/afternoon rolls around, the difficulty in breathing and intense coughs start again. My goal now is to just get better before I fly home next week; I’m dreading the thought of getting sicker all over again on my long flights. 

Anyway, my grand American plan just hasn’t happened this time around, which sucks. I’m sure I could be doing more, but I’m honestly playing it more cautious and conservative. If it was just me to worry about, I’d be out there searching for that pair of boots I need want. But it’s not just me. I know the baby’s taking all the good nutrients I have, so she can stay healthy, and I’m all for that. It sucks that this cold—or whatever I have—is lingering, but as long as she’s okay then I’ll keep on fighting it. 

In the meantime, this is what I’ve been up to and who I’ve been snuggling up with:

Screw the shopping and eating and traipsing around town. I’ve been hanging out and getting some pretty sweet quality time in with my nephew

I seriously can’t get enough of him and his nibble-worthy chunky legs, his charming dimpled smile, and his big brown eyes. It’s a VERY good thing I’m already knocked up, because being around him induces some serious baby fever.

I probably could’ve taken some better pictures, but this was just before bedtime (hence the adorable nakedness) and he was all smiled out. 

Oh. Heh. Here’s a video for you. I’m sure he’ll hate me for this when he’s older, but I can’t resist sharing it with you guys. I took this about two weeks ago, so if you could just ignore my sick voice and half laugh/half cough, that’d be great. This was Isaiah’s second time trying solids and he didn’t really care for it very much, which means it’s hilarious. (hopefully the video works..it’s from my phone and uploaded via Blogger.)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go stuff my face with more green chile. I’m convincing myself that it’ll help me feel better since it’s packed with more Vitamin C than most foods—yup, even tomatoes and oranges. (True story…Google it!) I knew there was a reason I loved chile so much. 


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