Bumpdate: 31 Weeks

I know, I know; I’m another week late with this. I’ll be 32 weeks tomorrow. I have no excuse for why I didn’t post this earlier since I’ve been the opposite of busy lately. Jet lag + third trimester = lazy, exhausted, and zero motivation.

My mom took the photo below at the airport just minutes before I went through security (and a few seconds before the tears started flowing). I’ve seen my mom more times in 2012 than I have in other years, but saying bye each time is so freaking hard. The flight home was fine. I sat next to a giant (he was well over 7′ and took up part of my seat, leaving me and the belly squished to one side. Little Pickles moved around A LOT on that flight. 

Being home for the holidays was wonderful, despite feeling crummy 75% of the time. I saw friends, family, enjoyed a wonderful baby shower, and managed to buy lots of frilly tutus for little Pickles. Oh yes…she will be wearing those quite often. (Side note: I just thought about my shower and now I’m totally craving a slice of the cake my sister-in-law made. This is a problem.) It boggles my mind that the next time I go home I’ll have a baby with me. I seriously can’t wrap my head around it!

Here’s the bump from last week. I’ll get back on track with the survey in my next post. 

click to enlarge. *I accidentally dropped my camera a couple weeks ago and I’m wondering if I did something to it. The photos are coming out a lot fuzzier than normal, which makes me sad. (And mom, it’s not just the ones you took…the ones I’m taking are coming out blurry and grainy, too.) I need to investigate and play around with things to figure out what’s up.*



  1. You are so much more dedicated than I could be – even remembering to take a photo in the airport! Glad you finally started to feel better, you know we're all here ready to read whenever you are ready to write!

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