The Deployment List {Updated}

*Alternate title name: All the Things I Didn’t Actually Do*

Before the deployment started I made a list of things I wanted to do over the six+ months he’d be gone. I thought I was being sneaky, though, because I published it before I let the cat out of the bag that I was pregnant. Yeah…I should’ve updated it since then, because a lot of the things I had on there definitely weren’t going to be applicable.

Still, I did manage to cross off a few things (emphasis on few), so I figured I’d update with how I did. My notes are in the parenthesis:

The Deployment List
Finish a New York Times crossword puzzle with no help = FAIL
(I’ve been meaning to do this for a couple years. I don’t think it’s ever going to happen.)
Take an Italian cooking class = SUCCESS!
(I didn’t blog about this, shame on me, but I did take one and plan on taking more in the future.)
Take the new crochet class on base = FAIL
(I was all set to take this class, and then they cancelled it the month I could go. The next month I was out of town too often. At least I made the first step of going to sign up? I will do this one day.)
Crochet my own scarf (see above) = FAIL
(see above. le sigh)
Take the framing class on base = SUCCESS
(Took this with a friend of mine! Have I framed anything since then? Nope, but at least I have the certificate saying I can now.)
Frame our wedding invitation (see above)= FAIL
Frame the kitchen prints we bought in Positano (see above)= FAIL 
(Shoot times two)
Find a home for my postcards= FAIL
(yeah…didn’t do this either) 
Transfer and move all the photos on my computer to CDs and an external hard drive = SUCCESS(ish)
(I didn’t transfer alllll of them, but I did get all the way up to 2012. I’d call that a half success in my book.)
Clean the house, room by room.= FAIL 
(I REALLY wanted to do this. I wrote out what I wanted to do, room by room…and then morning sickness happened. I should’ve done it during the “golden” trimester. Nesting is starting to kick in, though, so it may happen soon with the help of my lovely husband.)
Write the month and year on our souvenir mugs= FAIL 
(Um. yeah. didn’t happen. This not-happening thing is becoming a trend.)
Send random “thinking of you” cards to friends/family = SUCCESS
(Ha! I did a few of these!!) 
Send out birthday cards/presents BEFORE the actual birthday = SUCCESS(ish)
(Does it count if I bought them before the actual birthday???)
Fill up the calendar for October and November (it’s waaaay too empty right now)= SUCCESS
(I had plenty to do in both of these months, woot!) 
Hand write a blog entry, then scan and upload it online= FAIL
(no joke, our printer/scanner/copier broke the week he left. I’m sure I could’ve scanned something on base, but I didn’t. ) 
Make two photo books: 1) #PhotoaDay 2) surprise= FAIL
(This is the most depressing post ever. I didn’t do these.) 
Make something with wine corks= FAIL
(I have all the wine corks; I just need to figure out what to make) 
Make something (a book?) with our wedding cards= FAIL
Get my health in order: talk to a nutritionist on base, hire a personal trainer, walk up to the castle 10 times, cut carbs, 30-day shred: do it for one month, get a massage= FAIL
(HA. This whole thing was a giant lie; I knew none of it would happen…Instead of cutting out carbs, that’s the only thing I ate for three months straight.) 
Eat gelato. Lots and lots of gelato. (I realize this goes against the one above, but it’s for my mental health)= FAIL
(surprisingly enough, I didn’t eat that much gelato. Shame on me, I know. I pretty much had a free pass to eat it as much as I wanted. I just wasn’t in the mood for gelato. Milkshakes? Yes. Gelato? no.) 
Go geocaching= FAIL
(didn’t happen. maybe when the husband comes home) 
Take a CPR class= FAIL
(ya know, I stopped seeing the information about this to take on base. I need to look into it, because I really want to take it.) 
Listen to a book on tape = FAIL
(Not sure if this will ever happen. I like actually reading the book. I looked into getting a book on tape, but the voices just annoyed me.) 
Send lots of baked goods to the sandbox = SUCCESS
(YES! I did this. I sent A LOT of cookies!!!) 
Come up with tons of care packages and actually send them = SUCCESS
(BOOM! Did this one, too!)

Make ice cream without an ice cream machine! = FAIL
(ummm no. didn’t happen. I’ll wait and do this when it’s warm outside and not freezing.)

Ride a vespa…or at least sit on one! = FAIL
(I took a picture of one…does that count?)

Okay, so I may have failed at crossing things off my list, but ya know what I did accomplish while he was away?
Make a baby = SUCCESS 
grow a baby = SUCCESS


  1. I don't really like listening to books either. My co-workers (I work at a library) all listen to books while they drive to and from work or run errands. I don't know how they do it, I would get annoyed if I had to leave the car during the good parts, lol! I really only like listening to the Harry Potter series on tape. The voice actor does a great job and I know the story so I don't feel like I'm going to miss something if I'm distracted or driving or something.

    Good job on your list, I agree with the commented above me, you definitely got the important things done!

  2. So TECHNICALLY you didn't make the baby while he was gone. That's simply impossible… Instead, you GREW the baby. And fed it lots of Mexican food.

  3. LOL, agree with JennaRenee that you didn't do the "making" of teh bebe while he was gone. (He hopes not!) Lol. I think it's great that you had a huge list of things to do. Even though you didn't get everything done, you sure kept yourself busy while you were growing that baby! 🙂

  4. hmm.. I feel like the things you did accomplish completely negate the things you didn't do. it seems awful to force feed yourself gelato when all you wanted was a Chick Fil A milkshake. And anyway, you kept both yourself, Pickles, and the puppy alive and well while he was gone —– WIN!

    Now, get that husband home and show us a Welcome Home photo pretty please 🙂

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