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Bumpdate: 37 Weeks

One more week down over here! Actually, I was 37 weeks, 3 days when the photo was taken, and today I’m 37 weeks, 5 days…just in case you’re keeping track. I’m definitely keeping track!

I’m feeling very pregnant these days, but that’s not too new since I think I’ve been saying that for weeks. I’m also getting nervous, overwhelmed, scared, and tons of other emotions that I’m sure are pretty normal at this stage. Can’t I just keep her safe inside me forever? I’m having a hard time picturing an actual baby, too. It’s not that I’m not excited; I am, very much so. It’s just all very surreal and crazy. It’s normal to feel this way, right? RIGHT????

No survey this time. I’m too tired and not much has changed since the last one. My braxton hicks contractions are getting stronger, but not necessarily more frequent, which is fine for now. I mentioned this in the photo, but she’s also getting stronger and her movements leave me making audible moans, groans, and yips sometimes! They’re especially strong after I eat chile, so I’m pretty sure she’s not a fan of it quite yet, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop eating it—we’ve gotta get her ready for her first trip to New Mexico!

Despite the 24-hour constant heartburn (will she have a head full of hair?!), the constant peeing, the grunting and sighing when I try to bend down, and all the water I’m retaining now, I’ve loved being pregnant and I think I’m going to miss it. I’m so thankful I’ve had an easy pregnancy. With the exception of dealing with that concern earlier, I’ve truly enjoyed this time. I know women out there will want to hit me for saying that, but it’s true; I’ve loved it.

I love feeling her move, even when it’s starting to get a little painful. I love that—once I got past the first trimester—I’ve felt more comfortable in my body than I have in a really, really, really long time. I love that my husband loves the belly and is more than willing to help me maneuver around the house. I love the very few maternity clothes I have (yoga pants FTW!). I love knowing that my body knows what it’s doing and that I was made for this. The thought of labor still leaves me nervous (it’s the thought of unknown that’s scary), but I’ve really enjoyed the last several months of being pregnant.


  1. You are in the home stretch! I wouldn't say I "love" being pregnant, hehe. Even though I love feeling him squirm around, I miss all the things I used to do pre-pregnancy.

  2. Those last weeks are so surreal. You're caught between two worlds. She'll be here soon, though, and everything will be different!

  3. I didn't love being pregnant regardless of my easy pregnancy. The best part was definitely feeling him move and I never could picture a baby. I always wondered what he would look like. I have no doubts that you'll love having her here even more than being pregnant! Enjoy these last few days or weeks!

  4. Getting close! Random question- will your baby get Italian citizenship? I was disappointed to find out that if we have a baby here in Australia, it won't get dual citizenship 🙁 I thought that would've been cool!

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