Five for Friday

(If you’re new around here, you may not recognize this Five for Friday feature. I put it on hold when my husband deployed, but he not-so-subtly reminded me that he’s back now and that today is Friday…and then insisted I didn’t have to do one. That man is so clever with his Jedi mind tricks! Basically, I started doing this once we got married {almost three years ago} after seeing it on a friend’s blog. Every Friday I’d write five things about our week together, like things I loved about him, thanking him for something, an inside joke, or something like that. Essentially, Five for Friday is a post for him.)

1. You’re constantly making sure I’m resting enough and drinking plenty of water. Thanks for looking out for us.

2. That back massage you gave me while we were walking through the commissary was unbelievably amazing. Remember that when I go into labor, please!

3. You keep telling me I’m beautiful even though I’m feeling anything but that lately.

4. You built two dressers and a crib in two nights, and still managed to work on your thesis, all while I’m still trying to finish building the tiny nightstand. You, sir, rock.

5. You’ve been taking out the trash, sweeping, building everything, moving things, cleaning dishes, helping me cook, helping with laundry, playing with Bella…shoot, you even helping me get into my yoga pants and out of the bath tub. I know I keep saying it, but I appreciate it oh so very much.

And a spontaneous additional one…ya know, to make up for the last seven months!

6. I melt every time you get excited to see and feel the baby move. I love watching this pregnancy through your eyes.

p.s. i love you


  1. Glad to see 5forF coming back! I giggled when I read the assembly part – we helped a friend move a few weeks ago and those little wrenches they give you with Ikea furniture were the bane of my existence for at least several hours. Good luck with the night stand!

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