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It’s Okay

It’s okay…

It’s okay…that my belly has outgrown my maternity jeans and I have NO desire to wear them anymore. From now until the baby gets here I’ll be wearing leggings, yoga pants, pajama pants, and gauchos.

It’s okay…that I also wear flip-flops even though it’s winter and pretty darn cold outside. I tell people it’s because my feet are swollen, but it’s also because it’s just too hard to bend down to put on “real” shoes or boots. If you do see me wearing anything other than flip flops or sandals, you can bet your bottom dollar that my husband had a hand in helping me put them on. True story. 

It’s okay…that I had caffeine for the first time last night in months. Little Pickles was taking a very, very long nap yesterday, which freaked me out a bit, so I may have shocked her by drinking a Diet Coke. It did the trick.

It’s okay…that I’m just now packing my hospital bag. By the way, what are your must-pack items and what can I leave behind? Come join the convo on Facebook, pretty please.

It’s okay…that I’m celebrating eight years of blogging (next week!) by jumping on the bandwagon and now offering advertisement opportunities for you! Really…go check it out and get your blog out there! (Use the promo code BLOGIVERSARY For 10% off)

It’s okay…to also shamelessly ask you to vote for this picture so I can win a free newborn session out here. I hear that I’m supposed to sleep when the baby sleeps, so if I’m sleeping all the time then I can’t take pictures of her. (See where I’m going with this?) I know y’all will want to see pictures of the baby, so go vote!


  1. 1. Toward the end I only wore stretchy yoga pants, and flip-flops because my shoes didn't fit quite right. Ahhhh pregnancy.
    2. I didn't use much out of my hospital bag haha. Maybe because I was recovering from a c-section, zoned out, but we just watched TV and cuddled the baby, and used everything that they gave us.
    3. Yay for sponsorship! Good luck!
    4. I voted!

  2. Voted! And good call on the flip-flops. I somehow got into my tall boots this morning, then totally regretted it when it was time to take them off. Don't forget a nursing bra!

  3. I so know how you feel! My maternity pants are starting to fit too tight and I know I have at least 10 more weeks so I'm probably going to have to bite the bullet and get a new size. Though living the next 10 weeks in just yoga pants sounds pretty darn tempting! 🙂 And I would be all about the flipflops except that I'm moving back to Idaho where it's snowy and freezing!! Eekk!

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