Six for Saturday

  1. You said I’m still pretty spry for being 9 months pregnant. Music to my ears! 
  2. You didn’t freak out when my hormones went overboard and I had an entire day where I felt overwhelmed, scared, nervous, and anxious about everything. Instead, you held me, let me cry it out, and said it’d be okay. 
  3. My Valentine’s gift was waking up to a spotless kitchen. I loved it so much I cried. (Crying was clearly a trend this week.)
  4. You let me pick what movie to watch on Valentine’s Day and then watched “You’ve Got Mail” with me while we ate pizza. Awesome.
  5. You said I looked hot at the dinner we went to! 
  6. You know how much the messy house is bothering me, so we’re deep cleaning it today…or, rather, you’re cleaning and I’m helping you when I’m not resting my feet and back!

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