Three Years

Three years ago today I married the love of my life. 
Our wedding day was perfect, 
because it was the beginning of something wonderful: 
our marriage and our life together.
And goodness gracious do I love our life together, especially today, three years later.
In what feels like a blink of an eye, we went from this:
To this:

We are cherishing the last few days of being a couple before our little family grows by two itty-bitty feet.
Dear Kenny,
You wipe away my eye sweats and give me giggle bumps.
You’re the peanut butter to my jelly, the bubbles to my bath, the icing on my cupcake, the chile in my burrito, and you’re the only P.I.A. I want in my life.
You make me a better person.
You make me feel safe in your arms and you provide for our family.
You are absolutely my better half. 
Forever yours,
p.s. i love you

If you’re new to this blog or just want to look at our wedding all over again, check out the {wedding} tab at the very top of the page. 
 Photos courtesy of Kim Jackson Photography


  1. Gorgeous photos! I love the one of you two standing holding hands in front of the doorway. And your cake topper is awesome! Happt 3 years!

  2. Yay! Happy Anniversary Jess & Kenny! I love looking back on how things have changed in what may seem like such a short period of time. One of my grandma's favorite phrases was "The days may be long, but the years are surely short". Have a wonderful day 🙂

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