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McDonald’s in Munich

My parents came out to visit for three weeks! Catch up on our adventure:
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After a full day of visiting the concentration camp, we were jonesing for something to eat, so we went to the only logical place we could think of when one is in Germany.


We couldn’t help it, seriously. It was like those golden arches were a beacon of light and since I was the one driving, it was calling my name. I was beginning my second trimester at the time, which meant I just regained my appetite, so we had to stop (I can’t remember the last time I had McDonald’s before this stop). It turns out that our little fast-food detour was pretty darn awesome and provided us with a little family history.

Fun fact: McDonald’s tastes pretty much the same no matter what country you’re in. The quality of products is better (in my opinion) and things are a little more fresh, but it all pretty much tastes the same.

Since we were headed into Munich after this, we didn’t have a full meal. Actually, we got a Happy Meal and some chicken nuggets to split between the three of us. (After three months of having an aversion to chicken, I saw those little nuggets on the menu and needed them in my life.)

I will say that the Happy Meals out here are pretty awesome. Not only do you get the fries and whatever main protein you want, but you also get a side of fruit, like a piece of pineapple (in Italy they also throw in a wedge of cheese). It’s awesome. The toys out here are also pretty stellar (maybe they are in America? I haven’t had one there in years.) Check out this book I got in Germany:

But that’s not the cool part of our Micky D’s trip. The cool part was the dipping sauce we got with the nuggets. Usually you have to pay for ketchup out here, but since we ordered chicken nuggets we got to choose from a plethora of flavors. They seriously had like seven different kinds to choose from! If you know us then you probably know we like things spicy, so we went for their chili sauce.

Okay, to 99% of the people, the picture above is no big deal. But to us, it’s pretty freaking awesome. My mom’s maiden name is “Scharf,” so it was really, really cool to see it written out there on the sauce packet!

Growing up, my mom thought her name (Scharf) meant “sharp,” but apparently it means “spicy” or “hot.” Ah! I just love it! I don’t know if we ever would’ve figured that out if we didn’t stop for a quick pit-stop at McDonald’s.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that fun little story with you. By the way, after McDonald’s we spent a good hour making our way into the city, because someone (*ahem* me) had to get a shot glass from the Munich Hard Rock Cafe. Driving in that city, in the pouring rain, was crazy. By the time we got there I was famished again. (Hello, pregnancy) Luckily, Hard Rock has more than just shot glasses, so we had a pretty delicious American meal, which means I had about 20 glasses of ICE water 🙂

Our European adventure continued after Hard Rock when we braved the rainy weather and made our way to Salzburg.

…but more on that leg of our trip next time!

Helene in Between


  1. McDonalds in Japan is just as fun. The food tastes a little better (we all claim it be healthier, don't know how true that is though!), the toys are better, kids can get vegetables instead of fries, sizes are teeny, and the sauces are awesome. The red curry sauce and basil mayo are my favorites! We don't go very often, but I think I enjoy it as much as my kids do when we do actually go.

  2. Hahah this post made me laugh! we got McD's in France once because we wanted something greasy and gross so obvs we picked mcd's but it was actually so much better then what we get in the states lol!

  3. So cool that your mom's name was on the packet! hehe

    My sis lived in Spain for a while and said that McDonald's fries were better over there. She said they fry them in olive oil. I'd love to try that!

  4. J'adorais MacDo quand j'ai habité au Vésinet. (I loved Mickey D's when I lived in Le Vésinet). French MacDo is sooooo much better than American McDonald's. I usually had the chicken nuggets with potato wedges. And their honey mustard was incredible!

    My mouth is watering now…

  5. I guess you can't take the American love of MacDonalds out of Americans, haha! When my mom, sister and I did a trip to Paris/London in 2005 we didn't have much luck in the food department (at least in London) so finding a MacDonalds was a life saver. We were so surprised at how different the menu items were! Glad to see we weren't the only crazy Americans to appreciate Mickey D's in a foreign countries! 🙂

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