Capturing Precious Moments

I’m not exactly a mommy blogger; I’m a mom and a blogger—not that there’s a single thing wrong with that, I just enjoy jumping from topic to topic—but when my life is consumed with all things baby, I can’t help writing and sharing about it; I hope you’ll bear with me during these first few months while I continue to settle into this new groove. I’m learning how to balance everything, which means most days I’m just trying to make it to the end of the day without getting poop on me.

My life consists of nursing, changing diapers (and praying she’s
really done pooping by the time I open that diaper), learning to do
things one-handed, skipping meals for myself because I’m threatening to
call the wambulance, making her giggle and “talking” with her in the
most ridiculous voice I’ve ever heard come out of my mouth, singing
made-up songs that don’t remotely sound like lullabies, and rocking my
little girl to sleep, among a hundred other things. Our life has
definitely been flip-turned upside down and I’m cherishing every


  1. She has such a delicate, expressive face! Penny was the same way. Heck, she still is the same way. I think it's perfectly fine to blog about babies a lot, once you have them. They consume your life!

  2. Haha! I love those pictures of her with your husband! Too stinking cute. Babies are definitely good at turning your life upside down. Totally worth it, though. 🙂

  3. Omg tooo stinkin' cute!! I love all the photos!! And I am okay with the mommy blogger posts — as i'm in the same boat. My blog is supposed to be a fitness blog, lol. Well, I don't think I have actually posted about fitness (besides saying I went to yoga) in like 5 months. Oops! I love your blog no matter what you write about! 🙂

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