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I love reading these posts, because it gives me a quick look into a blogger’s every day life, and since I have a quick 30 minutes to spare before the little one wants to eat again, I figured I’d share what’s currently happening over here.

I’m currently watching Scandal during the day (I totally want to be Olivia Pope—minus the whole affair thing) and White Collar at night. Christian Grey…whoops…I mean Matt Bomer, is seriously one fine looking man, even my husband thinks so. I’ve already watched the series, thanks to Casey for getting me hooked, but I started watching it at nigh againt with my main squeeze.

I’m currently looking for her darn pacifiers. We have like six of them around the house, but they’re never ever where we need them. I finally bought some of those pacifier holders so we can start clipping them to everything, but I need to find the actual pacifiers first. Gah! Speaking of pacifiers, what did you call them when you were a baby? I think I called mine a “ga-ga,” not to be confused with Lady Gaga. I was just that cool and trendy back then.

I’m currently reading Unbroken
for a book club that I’m in. It’s definitely not a book I’d typically read, but it’s gripping and I’m anxious to see what happens. The fact that it’s a true story is both horrifying and amazing at the same time. Have you read it?

I’m currently eating lots of good food. I want to share our meal plane on here, but I never get around to it on Mondays. In the past week we’ve had: taco soup, tacos/nachos, jalapeno chip-crusted tilapia, sandwiches on focaccia, pasta with mixed fresh veggies, and tonight we’re trying a new recipe: crock pot beef and broccoli with fried rice. YUM!

I’m currently planning our next several trips. We’re leaving Italy this summer, so we’re trying to soak up as much of Europe as possible in the next few months. Problem is, I don’t know where to go. We’ve thankfully been to a lot of the major cities (Rome, Venice, Salzburg, Munich, Paris, etc.), so we’re hoping to hit some cool smaller places. Have you been to Europe? Where did you visit?

I’m currently “window” shopping for adorable headbands to make my little girl even cuter, and a new blog design(er) (I’m feeling the itch to change things up here again). Any recommendations for either? I can’t seem to make up my mind about anything these days (hence me window shopping instead of actually buying).

I’m currently almost back at my pre-pregnancy weight. I had my six-week check-up today and I’m only four pounds away. Having a baby was the best diet I’ve ever been on—I lost 20 pounds that first week. Awesome. I’m anxious to start working out again, but I’m going to start pretty easy since I haven’t really done anything in a really long time. I’m hoping to start going to yoga soon and upping the amount of walks we go on. 

I’m currently offering an awesome advertising deal for the month of April. *shameless plug*

I’m currently loving the weather. It’s been gorgeous here lately; it’s not too hot, not too cold, flowers (and weeds) are blooming, and the bugs aren’t out in full force yet. I think Miss Rhode Island was up to something, because her “perfect date” is next week (April 25).

I’m currently jonesing for a nap.

What are you currently up to? 

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  1. We always called pacifiers "paci" at my house. Not sure how I said it as a baby though. My husband's family called them "binkeys" so we've had arguments over what we would call them. I babysit a 6 month year old and I can't break the habit of calling it a paci (I have 5 younger siblings and we always said paci). Hopefully our future child doesn't get confused if my husband calls it a binkey 🙂

    Unbroken is loved at my library. I'm not a nonfiction kind of person (and I only really read YA books) so I doubt I'll pick it up anytime soon, but glad to hear you like it!

  2. We can NEVER find Dominick's pacifiers when we need them. And we are transitioning to the bigger size and all we can ever find are the smaller ones (they still get the job done though). We call them nuky's or binkys.

  3. That is so inspiring to hear that you are almost back to your pre-pregnancy weight so quickly. That is one of the things I'm most worried about for myself. I know I have been able to do yoga and such during my pregnancy, but I was a cardio whore before. And it's been weird not to be doing high cardio activities. I was actually googling "mommy & me" classes for once the baby comes. There seem to be a few different types of exercise programs in my area that encourage you to bring your baby with you. I wonder if the military where you are has some classes like that? I know at Fort Bliss they did have a mommy stroller class or something.

    Also, enjoy your last little bit in Europe. I loved visiting Spain when I was abroad. Bacelona was soooooooo fun, as there was just so many cool things to see. I can't wait to hear where you decide to go!

  4. Congrats on almost being back to your pre-pg weight!! That took me like 10 months with Abbie…

    We have about 20 paci's and I can NEVER find them for Ben when I want them, and he only gets them in bed and in the car! I swear the things grow legs and walk off.

    Have you been to Amsterdam? Prague? Those were 2 of my favorites! I wish we'd made it to Budapest – not too far from Aviano. Or done the Castle Road ride in Bavaria. Or gone to Geneva, Switzerland. Loved Lucerne but never made it to Geneva. Or Monaco – that's a neat place to see too. =)

  5. I studied in The Netherlands for a semester in college (way back in 2000) and lived in England when I was little (Air Force Brat all the way). Anyway, I lived in Maastricht and it was lovely. I had an amazing schedule that allowed for a lot of traveling. My recommendations:
    – anywhere in The Netherlands
    – I always wanted to go to Poland.
    – Bruges, Belgium (I loved it so much, I went twice).
    – PRAGUE (period.dot)
    – Have you been to Rothenburg, Germany? Christmas town all year long? LOVE IT!!!!!
    – if you want to cross something off my husband's bucket list, he really wants to go to Maranello. He's a huge Formula 1 racing fan and obviously, mentioning Maranello, his favorite team is Ferrari.

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