A Newborn Lifestyle Shoot

A few weeks before Julia was born I won a contest for a free photo shoot. The contest, held by Wibbly Wobbly Photography, a local photographer here in Aviano, was to share a photo depicting life in Italy, so I shared this one and then begged for votes.

I’ve seen Brittany’s work before and absolutely loved her style. She shoots with such a passion that it’s evident in the photos: they’re soft, inviting, and so real. We did pose for a few pictures, but even I can hardly tell which they were by looking at them. I tend to shy away from photos of myself; I’d rather be behind the lens instead of in front, but I knew I wanted pictures of our new little family.

Julia was one month old when these were taken and she did not get up on the right side of the bassinet that afternoon. Our once-calm newborn wouldn’t stop crying when Brittany came over. We tried all the tricks in the book, but she wasn’t having any of it. Needless to say, when the photographer left I honestly wasn’t expecting more than a few pictures without Julia having a major meltdown.

It turns out the Brittany is amazing! I was blown away with how many good ones she captured without her wailing her little head off! I can’t tell you how much I already treasure these pictures.

What most of the session was like:

And my absolute favorite picture: 

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  1. These portraits are gorgeous! I'm glad you got some good ones. It's so frustrating when they seem to know they're on camera and don't want to be 🙂

  2. These are adorable! She looks a lot like your husband. Newborn shots are the best, and you did seem to have a great photographer. The same thing happened to my sister, but she ended up with lots of cute shots too.

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