Amico Amore {friend love}

This may sound a little dramatic, but I literally don’t know where I’d be without this blog. Not only is it therapeutic for me to write, and a fantastic way to document this phase of my life, but I’ve met so many wonderful women in real life from it.

“In real life.”

I hate that phrase, because I feel like it diminishes those relationships I’ve made with everyone else. The community of people I’ve met through this blog, twitter, Facebook and instagram astound me. But the fact that some of those online connections evolved into something more is simply amazing.

When I think about it, I’ve met more than a handful of you guys in real life, which just blows my mind. I mean really, how cool is that? (Pretty freaking cool, if you were waiting for an answer).

Today’s #blogeverydayinmay prompt is to show some love to a blog friend. Whoa…I mean, talk about picking favorites; I’m the most indecisive person ever! I was trying to figure out who to write about when it became blatantly obvious: Amanda and Tessa. Why, you ask? Because not only do I read every single word they write, but I’m going to see them this week and if my baby decides to randomly poop on them, I want to be on their good side. ’nuff said. 

Julia’s first lunch with the girls! (Tessa on left; Amanda on right; Julia’s the baby)

First up is Amanda. I “met” her through an online military wives/girlfriends forum years ago and was completely green with envy that she lived in Italy. I never thought it was a possibility for us to live overseas, so I lived vicariously through her and her blogs. When we got orders to Italy she was one of the first people I contacted. She told me she’d help answer any questions I had and I’m shocked she still wanted to meet me after how many things I asked her. Meeting someone in person after you’ve been talking to them online for so long is a daunting experience, especially when you don’t know a single person in the area.

I hoped we’d click in real life, so when we met I was beyond happy that our personalities were a match. I’m constantly on her blog, reading back posts about the trips she’s gone on so I can get insider tips for our upcoming travels, and I love it when she writes about her latest pinterest adventures. If you have the travel bug, but are stuck at home for the time being, I suggest you take a look at Adventures in Italia.

Amanda on left and Tessa on right.

Next is Tessa! I can’t remember how I found her (maybe she found me?) but my first (online) impression was that this girl and I would never mesh. (I’ve told her this, don’t worry!) I’m so glad I was absolutely wrong. She compares her personality to that of a Jack Russel Terrier (which is totally true), but she’s also such an inviting and caring person that people are drawn to her—myself included.

I love that her blog is a completely transparent version of her. Seriously, what you read is who she is. She makes me laugh out loud; she’s sincere, extremely well educated, and is passionate with everything she does. She’s a young military wife, but is so eager to learn more about this culture that she inspires me to want to help improve this lifestyle. Her blog took a bit of a hiatus in the last few months, because she’s keeping herself pretty busy out here, but I think she’s making a comeback. I highly suggest you start following Ciao, Blogga today so you can get a dose of Tessa for yourself!

Whew…okay! Now that you have two more great blogs to read, go pour yourself a margarita (happy Cinco de Mayo, by the way!), and start catching up on what they’ve had to say 🙂 

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  1. It is so awesome that you made some wonderful friends while you are in Italy! I am also glad that I had the opportunity to meet both of these truly amazing women!

  2. I still have my livejournal after a gajillion years that I started in high school. One of the other bloggers on lj was someone my age, who I'll call Aria. When we went off to college at the same time, we then became facebook friends. After we both graduated, I moved to France. At this point, we've been friends online for 5+ years. She and a friend of hers (Kate) ended up traveling through Europe, and their trip to Paris overlapped with my last two days there before I moved back to the States. We met up for lunch, and it was perfect, and the three of us spent hours talking, and it was just so cool.

    Good story, right?

    It gets better.

    I later accepted a job as an au pair for a French family in New York. I announced this on facebook, and Aria contacted me to find out where I was working in New York. It turns out, I had taken a job only three train stops away from where she and Kate both lived! I spent six months hanging out with them (and became super-close with Aria's roommate), and now all four of us are part of an online book club that we started when I still lived in New York. 😀

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