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Getting Busy at the Bazaar

Twice a year vendors from around Europe mosey on over to our base to showcase their products. As Americans, we’re eager to get as much loot from this lovely continent, so we all flock to the bazaar—aka shopping extravaganza—and browse the selection with googly-eyes.

Over the past year and a half we’ve bought a few things, but because this past weekend was our last bazaar, we really went to town. Our wallet is hurting right now, but since everyone tells us that these are one-in-a-lifetime things we’re buying (that will hopefully actually last our lifetime), we better take advantage of it and buy everything. …At least that’s how we’re justifying our purchases.

The bazaar is held in one of the hangers on base and it’s typically full
of vendors inside and out. Inside are all of the European booths and
outside are food booths that different squadrons and organizations run. 

The food this weekend was awesome! Fried oreos (I didn’t try any, but should have), fried pickles (channeled my inner pregnant lady and seriously enjoyed these), Asian food, burgers, turkey legs, root beer floats, grilled cheese sandwiches…you name it, they had it!

my husband’s squadron, so I had to take a picture!

But back to the good stuff. These are the most notable little gems we picked up at the bazaar last year:

 Made in Spain and I seriously puffy heart love it. 
(Wine pitchers from Nove; my cousin made the wine stand made out of horseshoes)

Vinegar. Lots and lots of vinegar. 
(that’s the sample plate, but I may have overindulged and bought $75 worth of different kinds of vinegar.)

A personalized mosaic that’s ridiculously heavy and awesome. 
Made in Italy’s boot (Sicily or Naples, I think).

And this time, since it’s our last bazaar, we bought two dozen jars of the best pesto ever, five liters of our favorite olive oil, an olive wood cheese grater from Naples, delicious Gouda from Holland, Speculoos (eat your heart out, Biscoff and TJ’s cookie butter!), several bottles of local wine (with the intention of going back to their wineries to buy cases later) and the following:

 This “riddling rack” is from the Champagne region in France and will hold 80 bottles of wine. 

We also bought a custom-designed buffet and hutch. My husband and I have been on the lookout for a buffet since we’ve been out here, but we’re slightly picky so when we found someone who could design one for us for a good price, we jumped at the opportunity! Here’s the preliminary design for it:
The fact that we’re leaving is getting more and more real, which makes me so sad. I’m just happy we’re taking bits and pieces of Europe home with us! 
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  1. You bought a lot! Looks like you got some good stuff, though. Those shopping trips are so fun! Stopping by from the linkup.

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. I'm literally drooling over here!!! That hutch/buffet is going to be GORGEOUS. Love the wine rack too! I'm thinking that I need to go to Italy now. =P

  3. I was surprised there was still pesto when I bought some. Thought you might have bought it all, 😉 Can't wait to see your hutch!!!

  4. How cool it will be to have a custom made piece of furniture from Italy. You will be so glad to have all of your purchases when you leave!

  5. Love that you bought so much stuff! Such great memories! My husband is at Aviano now, but I couldn't get command sponsored since I am going into the AF as a flight officer here in a few months! I wish I could have been there for the bazaar, I just barely missed both of them this past year! 🙁
    My mom is an Air Force brat from the 70's time frame and spent most of her high school age in Germany. They bought so much cool stuff there they my Grandmother still has today! Full size nutcrackers and grandfather clocks. Its so amazing to grow up around so much culture! I cannot wait to start collecting! 🙂
    And I am SO glad you are doing the blog challenge! Ill be in Aviano in a few days! I get to spend a few weeks there until I leave for OTS in July! Cant wait to keep up with your blog!!


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