Italy Bucket List

My husband and I will be in Italy until late 2014, so we decided to make an Italy bucket list of alllllll the places we’d like to see before we leave.

(originally published May 22, 2013) 

Besides being organized by country, the list really isn’t in any particular order, and I’ll add places to it frequently.

It’s long and kinda vague sometimes, but I’m okay with that. I also know I may not get to cross them all off by the time we leave, but at least it’s a starting off point. A girl can dream, right?

Are there any other cities we should step foot in, festivals we have to attend, or things we need to see? Leave a comment with your suggestions so I can add to the list!  

Italy Bucket List:

⬢ Lake Como
⬡ Go on a gondola ride in Venice (despite the cost)
⬢ Capri (blue grotto)
⬡ Sicily
⬡ Go on a food tour 
⬢ Take a cooking class
Eat bolognese sauce in Bologna
⬢ See The Last Supper in Milan
⬢ Amalfi coast
⬢ Buy Parmesan in Parma
⬢ Drink chianti in Tuscany
⬢ Murano (Venice)
Burano (Venice)
⬡ Check out The Olive Garden Institute

⬡ Underwater park (pinterest)
Go on the Sound of Music tour

Plitvice Lakes National Park in the Lika region
⬡ Rovinj
⬡ Pula 
⬡ Dubrovnik 

Czech Republic
⬡ Prague (in June, 2013)
⬡ Český Krumlov

⬢ Colmar (may, 2013)
⬡ French Riviera
⬡ Versailles 
⬡ Etretat, Upper Normandy (pinterest) 
⬡ Lavender fields 

Neuschwanstein (Cinderella) Castle
⬡ Rothenburg (june, 2013)
⬡ Checkpoint Charley in berlin (june, 2013)
Stay at Edelweiss
⬡ Eat at the Chili’s at Ramstein (my stomach growled just typing that)
⬡ Bonn (Cherry Blossom Street) (pinterest)
⬢ Visit Casey (she came to me!)
⬡ Berlin (june, 2013)

Santorini – go to Kamari Beach (still need to blog)
⬡ Athens
⬡ Delphi 
⬡ Nafplio

⬡ See the daffodils in bloom in Amsterdam
⬡ See the tulips at Keukenhof Gardens in Holland (pinterest)

⬡ Norway (northern lights)
⬡ Visit my old roommate, Lise  

⬡ Azores

⬡ Burgundy Street in Madrid  (pinterest)
⬡ Visit the “Torres” winery 
⬡ Go back to Barcelona 

⬡ The Matterhorn
⬢ Have hot chocolate 
⬢ Enjoy fondue (may, 2013)
⬡ Go back to Chamonix

⬡ Antayla (The Stone Mirror) (pinterest)
⬡ Natural rock pools (pinterest)

United Kingdom:
See a show in London with the husband 
Go back to Bournemouth (where I spent a year abroad)
See my friends!!
British and Natural History Museum
⬡ Visit my surname’s castle in Scotland
⬡ Northern Ireland – back to Londonderry! 

Go on a cruise
⬢ See the rock of Gibraltar

 (If you want to see the places we’ve already been, check out the Our Travels page!)

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