Julia Grace {month two}

Dear Julia,
Wow, what a difference a month makes. This month has flown by faster than I could have imagined. Most days you are this little ball of smiles, coos, and little t-rex noises. It’s seriously crazy when you stretch alllllllllllllllllll the way out – it looks like you’re 3 feet long (really you’re at like 2). You can also hold your head up basically all the time (unless you’re milk-drunk – which is pretty funny by the way) and follow me around the room with that Judging Look of yours whenever I’m trying to work on something other than you. The doctors are finally happy that you are gaining weight which makes your mom happy, but if you can, please give her a break on the rest of your shenanigans.
Every time you do something odd, or change a routine, she looks it up on this thing called the “interwebs,” and it tells her that you are possibly probably definitely having a serious issue. Also, as funny as it is – we need to have a talk about the poop thing. If you could just stop pooping on your mom every other day, then she would be happier, and she would be much more inclined to clean you quickly. Let’s make a deal shall we? If you limit the mom-induced blowouts to once every month or so, I’ll buy you a pony (number 46). This one will be brown and white, and we’ll call her Chestnut.
Other than giving your mom a hard time, you have been a remarkably awesome kid so far. I can’t wait for you to get old enough to giggle, change your own damn diapers, and play with Bella.
I love you! 
Your papa 
P.S. I’m also sorry for dressing you up like a silly most mornings. I’m just a dad, fashion is not really my thing.
Dear Poopers Julia,
It’s time for me to be honest with you for a second: I’ve been calling you Poopers so much that I actively have to stop myself and call you Julia, because I’m afraid you’ll actually think your name is Poopers. But you really do poop a lot; it’s a good thing you look cute while pooping. True story: I never thought “cute” and “poop” would be in the same sentence. Actually, you always look cute…except when you randomly flip out for no apparent reason. Your face gets all red, your bottom lip starts pouting and then trembling, and it’s just about the most pitiful look I’ve ever seen in my life. You even started to get real tears in the past couple weeks. It breaks my heart when I can’t comfort you within a few seconds.
Other than your random freak outs, this month has been pretty amazing. We’re finally getting our groove; I feel much more comfortable with our rhythm and routine during the day. We’ve also almost completely transitioned into exclusively breastfeeding!This has been a huge challenge, but I’m extremely proud of us for working through it and not giving up, because there were times when I really, really, really wanted to give up. I never thought I’d enjoy something so much, but knowing that I’m literally helping you grow is simply amazing.
Julia, I’m so fiercely in love with you. I’m so incredibly blessed to be your mom. 
Love you, my little Poopers! 
Your mom.


  1. These letters are so cute! I love that your hubby is participating. Julia Grace continues to be absolutely adorable. 🙂

    Also, all the poop talk makes me REALLY wary to have my own baby one day…

  2. Oh my, she is JUST the cutesttttt! I love reading your sweet notes to her. And I'm sure Kenny dressing her silly is still pretty adorable!

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