The Poppies Have Popped!

I think May is easily my favorite month in Italy. It’s not scorching hot yet, so I don’t sweat when I’m outside, and it’s still cool enough that all I need a light sweater. Not to mention, on a clear day it’s just gorgeous here. Thanks to the sporadic rain showers we’re still getting, everything outside is a great shade of green. Green is my least favorite color (right up there with orange), but it’s breathtaking how pretty the different hues of green look against a bright blue sky.

Sprinkle in the delicious and vibrant red poppies that have popped up in the last few weeks and it’s just a delightful place. I love driving around Italy and spotting a blanket of red in the midst of the green fields; it brings an immediate smile to my face. If you can ever make it out to Italy, I highly suggest coming out in May; you won’t be sorry and you can thank me for that tip later!

Actually, as I type this, it’s raining again outside. Go figure. If you’re also enjoying a lazy Sunday, take a look at the blogs below. They’re not only good reads (and interesting enough to keep me awake during the wee morning nursing hours), but they’re wonderful women. Since I’ve been obsessed with the beautiful poppies around the area, I asked each of the girls below about their favorite flower and I loved hearing their response.

I’m Sue. I write about everything I know. I’m a wife, a mama, and a
doula. I’m also a photographer, a dancer, a writer, a thinker, and a
dreamer. I’m an eternal optimist and I’m deeply passionate about life. I
love yoga. I believe in happiness.

Favorite flower:
  Baby’s Breath. A bouquet of baby’s breath is just delightful!

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Hello, Jessica Lynn Writes readers! I’m Gayle, and I blog over at Grace for Gayle. 🙂 I live in Dallas, TX with my four fur-kids, Monty & Twerp {the dogs}, and Brother & Sister {the cats}. It’s a full house to say the least, but I love my little fur-balls and almost don’t mind cleaning after them all of the time! When I’m not blogging or vacuuming, you can find me at the gym, at church, reading a book, hanging out with friends, going to the pool {hiiiiii summmer, I have missed you!}, watching Netflix, spending time with God, and eating chips and salsa. I’d love to have you come visit and read and/or take part in #PerfectlyImperfect with us! Don’t know what it is? Well, come check it out. While you’re there, be sure to map yourself and subscribe! Ciao for now 
Favorite flower:
My favorite flower is the yellow rose. In high school, my mom used to buy a dozen yellow roses for me, when I was feeling down or she wanted to encourage me. At the time, yellow was my favorite color, and my mom was one of the most thoughtful people I’ve ever known, so she would always go out of her way to choose little things to do for me that were special and meaningful. My mom passed away in May 2000, but to this day, while I love many other kinds of flowers, the yellow rose is definitely the one that is the most meaningful to me!  

Hi friends! I’m Casey, an Air Force wife and
transplanted Southern girl living a life of adventure abroad in
beautiful Germany! I write over at We Took the Road Less Traveled…mostly about my life as an expat and our travels around
Europe…but also about my affinity for good food & wine, beautiful
spaces, inspiring words, and weenie dogs named Tuck. 🙂 So, grab a cup
of joe and follow along on our journey. I’d love to get to know you!
Favorite flower?
My most favorite type of flower are peonies. Not only
are they happy, pretty flowers, but they smell AMAZING! I picked up
a bouquet of pink ones at the farmer’s market this past weekend and
they’re making my living room look and smell so fresh and springy! 
I’m Natalie and I blog about food over at Oven Love. I love
creating new and inspiring recipes that are accessible for everyone-
even the novice cook. I’m all about flavorful, fresh, from-scratch
recipes with nourishing ingredients. Come on over and see what’s new!
Favorite flower:
 Tie between ranunculus and peonies. I just love the way they look. I guess I’m a sucker for round flowers with tons of petals!
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Really, this blog is place for me to explore the different dynamics that make up my life – my ongoing weight loss journey, a recipe here and there, married life and so on. It’s so random that my name isn’t even Sally. My name is Amanda and I’d love to meet you.
Favorite flower? 
My favorite flowers are pink roses and daisies. Daisies always seem like
such a happy flower (cheesy, I know) and I just love the gorgeousness
that comes from a fuchsia rose. It makes me happy.  

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I’m Kara and I blog at Ramblings of a Marine Wife. The name kinda gives
it away, but I married to a Marine and a mom to two. We are currently
stationed in Okinawa, so I tend to blog about our adventures in Japan
and life in general.  
Favorite flower:
Is it weird that I don’t really have a favorite flower? Let’s go with
orchids. We’ll say they are my favorite just because they are so
gorgeous and all over Okinawa, so I see them all the time, reminding me
gorgeous they are! 

I’m Chantal! I blog over at Scattered Seashells. I’m wife to Brandon,
an Army helicopter pilot, and mom to Penny, an adorable toddler. My blog
is about me, my family, parenting, living a healthy life, being a
crunchy mom, and being an Army spouse.
Favorite flower:

My favorite flower is the daisy because they are just so bright and happy, they make me smile!!

I’m a proud military Air Force wife. We love traveling all over the
world with our 3 kids and our Westie, Macintosh. 
We have been stationed
all over:
Alabama, Iceland, Japan, and are heading to Italy in Aug
2013! I’m a Certified Photographer, DONA Certified Labor Doula, DODDS
substitute teacher, wife, mother, DIY’er, crafter, etc…just to list a
few. I love crafting and making things, traveling to new
locations, and meeting amazing friends along the way, and of course
posting about all our adventures!

Favorite flower:
Truthfully my favorite flower is a fake one 😉 I have quite the black thumb, LOL. If I had to choose a live one I guess I’d say that I love Japanese Cherry Blossoms.

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So tell me, what’s your favorite flower and why?


  1. We're currently out near the dessert, so not many flowers here, unfortunately. The poppies look beautiful! I've always loved lilies — stargazers, tiger, calla. I love the smell and variety of shapes and colors.

  2. Oh, I love green. After living in brown Colorado for so long, I loooove how green it is in Alabama. But I especially love blue, turquoise blue ocean, that is 😉

  3. I DESPISE the color green. Like, I didn't know it was physically possible to have the hatred of a thousand firey suns for a color, but I do, and that color is putrid green.

    Some days I like orange. One time I even convinced myself it was my favorite color. But mostly I just hate green.

    PS I am new. I found you because I creeped on your comment over at Life of Bon.

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