Who I Am…and other things

Sell myself in ten words, you ask? Okay, I’m…

*so says the baby
**so says the husband

In other news…

After more than EIGHT years blogging here, I now have my own domain! This lovely space is all mine (insert happy dance)! I dropped the “blogspot,” so it’s now simply JessicaLynnWrites.com — hopefully you don’t need to do anything to your feeds. I’m pretty stinkin’ excited about this little update.

Also, in case you missed it, here are my posts from the past week:

and because I promise I write about other things besides my awesome kid…

And for other happenings around the interwebs…

  • I’m participating in a group giveaway where the grand prize is an awesome phone! (If you’re a fan of JLW on Facebook you already have your first entry, so go enter here
  • I spend way too much time and money on Zulily. They suck me in with every. single. email. And the worst part is that I just heard they have an app. Talk about trouble!
  • This cookbook rocks.
    We used to watch David Rocco’s Cooking Channel show when we lived in
    America and really like his food. It’s not in that collection, but I
    really want to make his drunken spaghetti.
  • I need this kitchen for myself my daughter. (vintage pink kitchen)
  • My husband sent me this link and I literally couldn’t stop laughing out loud. 
  • How awesome are these DIY barrettes? They make me want to get bangs just so I can grow them out and use them.   

Did I miss something cool? Add your favorite blog post from the week in the comments below…Or would you add a word up there to describe me? (only nice words, of course! It took everything in me {see strong-willed above} to not add the words messy, awkward, lazy, and procrastinator.)

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  1. @katlyn, weird! I just tried that link on several machines (Mac, PC, and iPhone through the Feedly app) and it worked fine. Not sure where the problem is :-/

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