Getting My Man’s Hair Did {contest}

Compensation for this post was provided by Wahl Home Products via MSB New Media.  All opinions expressed in this piece are my own.  

When I was younger, my dad once told me that there are two times in life that you never want to hear the word, “Oops”: when you’re in surgery and when you’re getting your haircut. After last weekend, I picked up what my dad put down years ago. The man knew what he was talking about.

It was late Sunday night, after the baby was finally snoring in her bassinet, and you could hear the roar from the hair clippers buzzing around my husband’s head. I had been cutting his hair for around four months; we decided I should give it a shot once we saw how much of our monthly budget was going towards getting his hair cut weekly.

I finally felt like I knew what I was doing: he gets a two on top, a .5 on the bottom, and a fade in between, but that night I got a little too comfortable in my new hair dresser shoes and accidentally used a one where a two should’ve been. In the split second that I realized my mistake I muttered the one word under my breath that you don’t say while cutting hair. I didn’t even mean to say it, it just sputtered out of my mouth. But once it was out there, there was no taking it back, just like the half-dollar sized indent on my husband’s head. Oops!

Luckily, that week was supposed to be pretty hot, so my husband suggested I just buzz the whole thing with a one and call it a night. I felt horrible, but I was also exhausted and had no idea how to fix my mistake, so I apologetically obliged.

I once asked my husband if he was sure he wanted me to do his hair every week (seriously, how jealous are you at the rate guys’ hair grows?!) and he told me that I “cut better than the folk on base” (that’s a direct quote, friends; color me flattered!) and that the clippers we have are just as good as the ones they have at the barber shop on base. It turns out that we actually own Wahl Clippers, an American-based company that’s been helping wives cut their husband’s hair since 1919. I have to admit, I like knowing how much money we’re saving by having me cut his hair, and the fact that Wahl is the number one clipper families use today just makes it that much better.

Wahl Home Products and Military Spouse Magazine are currently hosting a contest that I think you should enter. “A Picture is worth $1,000” is a a photo contest recognizing spouses everywhere who run a household while their loved one is off serving our country.

Entering the contest is easy! All you have to do is capture a special moment with your spouse or family and submit it to the contest page. Your photo* is automatically entered to win $1,000 courtesy of Wahl Home Products. If you win, not only do you get the big bucks, but your picture will also be in the September issue of Military Spouse Magazine—how cool is that?! But hurry! The contest closes on July 8, 2013.

The photo above is the one I’m entering; I took it months ago and I like that it could basically represent any airman, but since you can enter up to three photos, you better believe I’ll be taking
more once my husband gets back from the deployment he’s on! If I happen to win, I’m definitely upgrading our current clippers and buying Wahl’s new Lithium Ion Clipper—it’d be a belated Father’s Day gift!

Do you cut your husband’s hair? Have you had any “oops” moments? Are you going to enter the contest?! 

*Photo tip: Digital photos should be at least 300 DPI and in JPG format. Get creative—it can be a picture of you guys on base, celebrating a homecoming, saying, “see ya later,” or just hanging out with the family!


  1. I did that with Jon's hair, once! He clips the sides and the front, and I do the back. He does all one number, but the clip fell off and I scalped a big spot in the back of his head! He was not happy with me…!

  2. I did an "oops" with my husband's hair once too and though he said it was fine, I refuse to do it now so he does he own – I got too scared haha

  3. probably 20 years ago before my husband went active and was still reserves he begged me to cut his hair and I told him NO way. he pushed, I cut and well he never asked me again. Now that we are pregnant with our fourth boy I need to try again. I normally trade a friend for bread. I bake her bread and she cuts my boys hair

  4. Oh my goodness! My husband actually had to have a haircut today, and the barber shop in the PX was closed. He bought clippers and told me I was going to have to cut his hair. It was definitely nerve racking! But it turned out okay!

    I just found your blog, and I just wanted to say hi! I saw that you were here in Italy, I'm going to assume Aviano? I'm in Vicenza and absolutely HATING life. 🙁 I'd rather be back at Ft. Bragg any day! I've only been here for about four months now, and I am really hoping that things start to shape up!


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