I’m Currently… {volume three}

I’m currently…

(already) Missing Italy. I know we haven’t moved yet (48 days to go), but I’m already
getting nostalgic thinking about everything I’ll miss: the way the mouthwatering bruschetta arrives on its own cute little board,
the new delicious Pinot Nero I recently discovered, my cute little town and how we actually have local friends…everything! And of course, I’m also missing Bella—she arrived in America safe and sound, by the way!

Loving on my daughter. I’ll talk about this more in her
three-month post this weekend, but she’s just an absolute delight. She’s
discovering life and I love watching her; she’s playing with her new-found feet, making friends with
the animals on her play mat, cooing all the time, and smiling and
giggling! Oh, the smiles and laughter—they make me want to stop time and
never let her grow up.

Listening to Phillip Phillips. I love his rugged voice and how it reminds me of Dave Matthews, but just a little cooler. (Is Dave Matthews still around?)

Excited for the end of February. My husband and I bought tickets to see Alton Brown in Atlanta for his new food tour. If everyone can just cross your fingers that my husband will be here (and not be deployed), that would be great!

Reading: Bossypants and blogs. I’m so in love with the Feedly app on my iPhone. I read blogs while I nurse, because I typically only have one hand free, and I dig that I can save the posts I want to go back to and read/comment on later. Bloglovin’ just doesn’t do it for me, sorry. Feedly, on the other hand, is grand. 

And speaking of blogs and bloglovin’, I’m annoyed that every giveaway out there requires me to follow via Bloglovin’. The fact that I follow you—in whatever capacity—should give me an entry. Sheesh! #endrant

Digging these links:

  • I’m trying to take more purposeful photos of my daughter thanks to this post.
  • This post about moms made me cry. I already fit into so many categories.  
  • You guys, I have yet to blog about one of my absolute favorite spots in Italy. Luckily, my friend and freaking amazing blogger, Casey, wrote about our blate from last October. Seriously, do yourself a favor and check out her posts on Burano and Murano.
  • Cancer, breast cancer specifically, is very near and dear to my heart. My grandma’s had it and beat it twice. I seriously hate cancer. Gayle, a blogger around my own age, found out she carries the breast cancer gene, so she did something about it. Wonderful inspiration right there.
  • So, I’ve never seen a single episode of The Bach(elor/elorette), but this article made it so over-the-top ridiculous that I had to watch the first episode of the latest season. Hashtag NowImHooked. 
  • Please, please, please let me be like one of these parents. Please.

Thinking about the future. I’m debating whether or not I want to have a few guest posts lined up for the end of July/beginning of August while we’re traveling. I want to keep things rocking on here, but I don’t think I’ll be able to schedule that many posts ahead of time. On the flip side, I feel cheated when I go to a blog expecting to read something from the author and just see tons of guest posts. What’s your opinion on the matter?


  1. I freaking love Phillip Phillips. I bought his song Home because I couldn't wait for Pandora to play it for me. Now I listen to it over and over. Love.

    I read that post about purposeful photos and it makes me want to break out the DSLR again. I take a lot of photos, but not TONS with it… I just want to take awesome photos like those!

  2. I have written guest posts, and I have had guest posts when they were relevant to my blog, but something I couldn't really write about (like being a mother!). If you LOVE a blog and want to introduce your readers to them, that's awesome, but honestly, I oftn skip right over guest posts if the writer of the blog hasn't invested any in the post… does that make sense?

    I can't even begin to imagine how hard it is to leave a beautiful place! Ugh- I'm counting down the days until we get to leave this place- 4 years will be too long and I'm ready, although I already know a part of me will be sad to say goodbye!

  3. I definitely know what you mean when you say you're missing Italy already. I'm never going to get over this place when we have to leave.
    I need to check out that app, I have the BlogLovin app but I used it once and didn't like it.
    I like guest posts if they're focused into a topic relevant to your blog. I've found some great new blogs through guest posts.

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