Julia Grace {month three}

Miss Julia,
This month was amazing. Your constant grins brighten every single fiber of my body and hearing you giggle sends shivers down my spine; it’s literally the best sound I’ve ever heard. Speaking of sounds, you’re a pretty laid-back baby, so it shocks me when you have moments where you’re upset; your cries sometimes make me cry and I feel horrible if I can’t fix the situation immediately.
I adore how you look at everything with awe and wonder, literally seeing things for the first time with your huge gray eyes. When I was pregnant I promised you the world, so I’m happy you’re already a little world traveler: you visited two different countries this past month, France and Switzerland. Unfortunately, you’ll have to take our word for it since they didn’t stamp your brand new passport. We tried to get them stamped, but apparently they don’t do that anymore if you drive across the borders; I’m sorry!

Julia, you’re the most amazing thing ever and I’m so honored to be your mom.
Love you!

Dear Poopers,

Happy third birthday! Holy pan-fried potatoes, this has been a fun month. Last month you were all about the pooping and smiling, but not much else. This month you’ve giggled every day and you learned that you have both hands (!!!) AND feet (!!!!!!). It’s really amazing to watch you grow up a little bit every single day. I can actually see little bits of information click in your cute little brain as you figure out what all is going on. Not only can you recognize your mom and I from the other side of the room, but you follow us when we walk around, and you even scowl when you see us leave the room.

This month you also got to meet a set of grandparents, and went on a super fun Switzerland and France road trip. So far you’ve been handling your life like a champ. Mostly. I don’t know if anyone has told you this yet, but it’s a little annoying that you choose to poop through your drawers every other day. Especially on road trips. And when your mom is holding you. And when we’re driving somewhere. And when you are in your swing. And when we’re out eating dinner. I really don’t mind having to pack clothes for you in triplicate, but you’re making poop the focus of your existence which is a little weird.

I love how you still kick like a mule and how it seems like you’re sprinting a marathon even though you can’t even stand. I can’t wait to see what happens this month!

Your papa.

I’m kinda sad I didn’t start this when she was born, but I may go
back and fill in the answers from past months for her baby book. 

Nicknames: Poopers, Droolia (sorry!!), Sweetie Pie, Butterfly, Sugar Pie Cupcake

Being held facing out, standing, smiling, putting your arms in and out
of clothes (you giggle when I say, “Arm goes through da hole!”), getting snug
in the car seat, your bird and zebra friends on the play mat.

Dislikes: Being on your back, taking a bottle, having a wet diaper—you let us know the second you pee.

You roll from tummy to back pretty easily, you’re not hating tummy time
anymore and actually hold yourself up, you found your feet and they’re
the most fascinating and tasty things in the entire world, and you like
standing up (with our help , of course).

Weight/Height: no well-baby appointment this month, but I weighed you myself at the clinic and you were 11lb 5.9oz.

Clothing Size:
I put you in a 0-3 onesie yesterday and I’m afraid that’s the last time
that’ll happen; it barely snapped closed! You’re in 3 and 3-6 month
clothes now. I sent some of your newborn clothes to your new little
cousin, so hopefully she likes them 🙂

You love sleeping at night! We’ve been putting you down for sleep around
10 pm and then waking you up around 2 pm for a feeding and then again
at 5 am when we get up for the day, but we’re starting to transition
into letting you sleep and letting us know when you’re up and ready to
eat. This month I think we’re going to try putting you down a little
earlier…maybe. It’s hard since our bedroom is upstairs and we hang out

Random Tidbits: You thrive around
people! You love looking at them and smiling, and you hardly ever cry.
When you are upset, though, it’s the most pitiful thing in the entire
world. Your cry/screech/scream breaks my heart. People constantly and
immediately comment that you look like your dad, which you definitely
do, and I love it. Everyone comments on your huge eyes and your ever-changing facial expressions; you’re quite animated. You also met your grandparents this month! They came into town and got to hang out with you for a few days!

How are Mommy and Daddy Doing?:
We’re good, finally getting used to you and getting a kick out of
seeing you smile and recognize us. The late-night feedings are taking a
little toll on me (we usually fall asleep together during them), but
other than that I’m doing okay. Your dad is going away for a little bit
in a couple weeks and I’m slightly freaking out about
being alone with you for so long. It’s unbelievably nice to have him
hold you when he comes home from work—it gives my mind, sole, and body a
little much-needed break.

Here’s a (not-so-wonderful quality) video of you giggling. It’s more for your listening pleasure.


  1. Oh Jess that video is so so adorable! Way to make me want another baby ( j.k I totally want another one… as long as it's another girl ) But really, you are an AMAZING momma and Julia will LOVE going back and reading these when she is older!

  2. Seriously? Three months? No way! She is adorable. I remember after 3 months it just got soooo fun. Got out of that newborn stage and into the baby stage.

  3. I can't believe it! I swear you just had her… But then I sometimes feel that way about Charlotte too. 😉

    For the record, Julia weighs 2 more pounds than Charlotte did at that age. So I think you're both doing just fine!

  4. You will do great alone with her. These little ones always seem to surprise us and teach us when we are fearful..well that has been my experience with Zoe anyways. Hope all goes well lady!

  5. Oh my gosh, talk about a happy little baby!!!! I love hearing her milestones and day to day through both of your perspectives!

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