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Map My State {review + giveaway}

Now that I’m officially back on American soil, I think it calls for a celebration (and in blog land, a celebration means a giveaway)! But first I want to gab a little bit about how cool these maps are.

I first saw Map My State floating around Pinterest a couple years ago when I lived in Georgia. I was feeling nostalgic for my home state and promptly bought a map for New Mexico. I loved that they let me customize my print by swapping out a couple town names for the ones I wanted, plus their customer service was fantastic and prompt. I had plans to create a “map wall” in our house, but then we got orders to move to Italy, so hanging things up got put on the back burner. I left the print unframed and it got packed with the rest of our goods.

Fast forward to a few months ago. I was going through stuff in my office and stumbled upon the New Mexico print. I forgot how much I loved it, but realized it looked a little lonely and needed some company. With the nomadic lifestyle we live, I decided to see if they offered maps for countries as well as states. I was in luck!

I ordered a print of Georgia and Italy and personalized them with the towns we lived in. I toyed between getting them in different colors, but decided to go with a classic black and white for all three. They shipped out extremely fast* and before I knew it, I had three map prints, all eager to be framed. I got them framed and ready to go, but then I ran into the problem of hanging them up—just not worth it in our Italian home. I have great plans to create a “map wall” once we get to our Georgia home in a few months and I’m excited to have these grace our walls.

I mentioned getting my maps personalized, but here are a few more fab options you can do at Map My State:

  • Highlight a city in color for a little more pizazz
  • Include a city that isn’t already listed
  • Add personalized text below the map
  • Choose from an array of colors (not just in black and white!)
  • Pick a city, state, country and even Canadian provinces!  
  • Not limited to just prints; they do mugs, too!

Now for the fun part! Map My State is offering one of my readers a free 8×10 print of their choice (enter below) AND they’re offering a 20% discount off any of their products if you use the coupon code “JLW” (offer good through Monday, August 5).

Disclaimer: All opinions, thoughts, and comments are completely my own. Map My State did not compensate me to write this review; I bought all of my maps with my own dough. I simply like the company and told them how cool they are, and they offered to give y’all something. Everybody wins!


  1. It would be tough to choose between Maryland, Texas, and Oklahoma…..eventually I would need all 3, plus wherever else we move 😛 to start, I would probably do Texas since that's where we are now!I would also do black and white, possibly highlighting Abilene in a color.

  2. We will be moving around a bit due to my husband's position…it would be fun to get a Wisconsin (where I'm from, where we met/went to college/got married), Oregon (my husband's home state) and an Iowa (where we live now) and any other future states like your idea!

  3. Oh, so hard to choose! I would probably do Indiana, but eventually have to add Virginia, Florida, and maybe Georgia too.

  4. How cool!! I'd probably get Colorado for us both. I like the idea of having all the states we've lived in though… Colorado, Hawaii, Alabama

  5. Oh man this is hard to pick! I might just have to order one for every state we have lived in or means something to us (OH, NC, SC, VA, CO, FL)! too cute!

  6. We'd either pick PA or VA… Black and white would be super chic, but if we got PA, we'd have to get it in blue and white– Penn State colors!

  7. I would need to order a KS, a GA and an Egypt, all of the places we've lived since we were married. I would probably highlight the towns we were born in one color and the towns we lived in in another color. Too many decisions! I've been wanting to get these though, so now I have motivation!

  8. LOVE this as an artsy alternative to a "Home is where the [whatever military branch] sends us"! (: We'd certainly need a Texas now.

  9. What a cool giveaway! I would love to get one of Colorado. I have lived here my entire life and I love my state, so that would be cool to have with the different cities that I have lived in. Maybe with the cities in a different color too!

  10. I would pick Kentucky and highlight my hometown and my college town. It seems silly to have a print of Kentucky hanging up since I still live there, but this would be perfect to remind me of home when I move in a few years.

  11. Cute!!! I'd go with NC…and then subsequently buy one for Virginia and Germany…kind of like you did with all your duty stations! Neat idea!

    Also, Europe misses you. But I hope you're having a blast back home!

  12. I love those! It'd be hard to choose between MN (where I'm originally from) & TX (where I call home now) but they are so cool!

  13. If I win I want a California map with Monterey highlighted. Black and white with Monterey in Blue. Then I want a Washington state map with Whidbey Island highlighted in red and a Virginia map with Virginia beach highlighted. This is the best idea for military families!

  14. I would love to do my home state of New Jersey and then buy South Carolina for my husband's home state 😉 Plus highlighting our home towns!

  15. Thanks for the link to this great website! Can't wait to buy one of my home country and one each of the countries and states we've lived in thanks to the military

  16. It's hard to choose but I'd probably pick WA since that's the one place DH and I have lived together:) I think I'd get it in black, white and red.

  17. Aww man I keep trying to comment & it won't let me… here's try #3 … ITALIA I say with AVIANO or SAN QUIRINO on it 😉 MISS YOU

  18. I have also been wanting to make a "map wall" of all of the places that the Army has sent us, and we just bought a house so it is about time! We have lived in California, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, so I would choose one of those for my prize and use your promo code to get the rest!! 🙂

  19. If you win, what city, state, country, or province would you like, and what color would it be in?

    Jess, this is such a great idea! Especially since Teddy & I plan on moving once I graduate. But if I win 🙂 I'd take it back to where it all began & get Albuquerque, NM! In red! And I'd have to add to the collection later with San Diego, Ca & Chicago, IL <3

  20. OH. MY. GOSH. I started to try to make one of these of Indiana and then completely gave up because IT IS SO HARD. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS. I would totally get an Indiana one, and NJ one, and a FL one (the picture showing NJ and IN ALMOST got it right but GA is one state off, haha) probably in black, I love the classy "printed" newspaper-ish look of them. Seriously in love. Please let me know if you allow bribes.

  21. I would love to have one of Kansas and highlight my favorite rural communities! And I would definitely do it in black and white and highlight my current town! What an awesome giveaway!

  22. I'd choose an Australia map! I'd highlight the city we live in (since it most likely wouldn't be on the map otherwise), and I'd maybe think about highlihgting the cities we've visited.

    And then of course, I'd probably be addicted and want to order one for Arizona, Texas, California, Washington, Spain, and the other places I've lived 🙂

  23. I'd have to get a Maine print in black, since I was born and raised there! The south is now my home, but I will always be a yankee at heart!

  24. I would do a NM one for sure! NM Pride 🙂 Probably in the black and white – I love the idea of getting one for each place I've lived. Great find Jess!

  25. I have three choices: either Vienna (where Brian and I met), Louisiana (his hometown and where we got married) or California (our first home)…it will be a toss up between those three. I would definitely keep it in black and white, very chic!

  26. Oh, gosh. I'd love one of these, but I have no idea what state I'd choose! Maybe Hawaii, to hang up in Charlotte's room since she was born there… And highlight Honolulu in pink – for her and the pink hospital she was born in. Haha!

  27. We are getting ready to move out of our home state for the first time and I would love to get one of these. Great giveaway!

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