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Our Italian Home {nursery}

I gave you guys a tour of our Italian home (here, here, and here) last year, but once we found out we had a little bundle on the way, we swapped the guest room for a nursery. We were in a tricky spot for creating a room for Julia since we didn’t know when we were leaving. When I got pregnant, we were under the assumption that we’d leave Italy in May—a mere two months after she was born. The need for a crib and other stuff wouldn’t be necessary then, but I was pregnant, hormonal, and had the urge to nest however I possibly could with the knowledge of an upcoming move.

So the week my husband returned from his deployment (at 36 weeks pregnant), we finally bought a crib from base and made a trip to Ikea. He put everything together in a few hours and within minutes of seeing it all set up in her room, I finally let out a long sigh of relief. Not having a room set up for her left me so anxious, but after those three things were built, I felt ready.

Then we found out that we wouldn’t be leaving until July, not May, so having more room for her things turned out to be a very good thing. It’s amazing how much baby stuff you can accumulate!

Her room in Italy was almost how I wanted it to look. It was my favorite room in the house; I loved how much natural light flowed through it. I took these pictures just before the movers came, because I knew I wanted to capture her very first space. Her next room will be painted a very light shade of gray and there will be many more things on the walls, as well as more furniture (there’s a rocking chair missing from the photos—we sold it earlier that week—and her dad is making a few new pieces once we get to Georgia).

Since we knew we’d be leaving, painting was just a silly notion that I didn’t even bother considering, especially since I was alone most of the pregnancy. And hanging things up on the cement walls is a huge feat here with cement walls, so we just decided to go with some of the photos we already had hanging in there. Luckily, they went with the theme for her room and now I’m going to integrate them into her new room with new frames. I also have five different DIY projects in the works; I’m so excited to finish them and get them placed in her next room. Come October (seems so far away now), her room will basically be the best room ever.

I’ll talk more about how the room came together when I show off her nursery in our Georgia home since it’ll be more of a complete picture, but I’m essentially calling it a shabby chic, pink and gray, travel-themed room. Heh…maybe by October I’ll have a better description.

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  1. In my perfect world, I will have one boy and one girl. My daughter's room will be Paris/France themed, and my son's room will be London/England themed.

    The entire house will be decorated in geographic decor, because Beau likes maps, geography, famous buildings, and famous bridges. I like Paris, all of France, London, Manhattan, and artsy photos of those cities/countries.

    Hence, compromise!

  2. So sweet! I'm glad you captured her first room. We moved three months after Abbie was born (although, just across the county, not the world), and I was so happy I documented the first space we made just for her.

  3. Gorgeous! We found out we were leaving 4 months after our little bit was born, so I never really put in the effort to finish her room back in NC.

  4. Aaaaah, LOVE!! I loved Charlotte's room in Hawaii and I'm struggling with hers here. *sigh* I think the probably is the wall color – it's pink, but more like a mauve color. It doesn't match her bedding well enough to leave it, but I don't feel like painting either. Ugh.

  5. LOVE the white furniture, I bet it will look amazing with grey accents added in your Georgia home. Also can't wait til you're in GA because that means you'll HAVE to take a Disney trip and our girls can have a playdate 🙂

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