Our Last Sunday in Italy {currently}

I’m currently…

sitting in our hotel room on base. Between last Wednesday and October 5, we’re going to spend 83 nights in a hotel. So there’s that. Hooray for someone else making my bed. Boo for living out of suitcases for that long.

listening to the washer and dryer run at THE SAME TIME! In an Italian home you can typically only have one large appliance run at the a time. Running both basically kills the electricity. I could run the oven and microwave together, but not the washer/dryer and the oven. Sometimes I could zap something quickly in the microwave for two minutes if the washer/dryer was on, but if it went for three minutes, all bets were off and I’d be in the dark. It took for-ev-er to wash/dry clothes, so I’m relishing the fact that I’m doing both at the same time. Oh, and I have the oven on, too…just because I can 🙂

eating all the meat (prosciutto and bresaola, mostly). I’m also pigging out on pear pasta, burrata cheese, gelato, frico, pizza, and anything else I can get my hands on before we leave. We have a going away dinner tomorrow night at one of my favorite restaurants and I plan on savoring every single bite.

excited to see my town one last time. There’s a festival going on today in Maniago; I like to think that they’re throwing us a farewell party. We’ve told our Italian friends that we’ll stop by today to say arrivederci, so I’m both looking forward to that and dreading the fact that those people and places won’t be in our life anymore. Tomorrow we’ll head back to town in the morning to meet our landlord and hand over our keys. Cue the tears.

I’m seriously currently…

in denial that we’re leaving. We board our plane in four days. It doesn’t seem like it’s really happening. I don’t even know what to say…


  1. I am sure you will get back over to Europe, and it will be so much fun for all of you to go back and visit and show Julia where she once lived!

  2. It is such a bummer that you have to leave early!! Enjoy all the memories, and take in all the moments that you can while they remain!

  3. I know the feeling, I was so sad to leave Japan, and 5 years later I still miss it like crazy! But there is plenty to knock your socks off in the States like using multiple appliances, cheaper gas, and way TOO many choices in the stores ;p Just the stores should keep you busy for the next few months, LOL! See ya on the flip side!

  4. At least you get to see everyone last time and what a great note to end your time there on. A FESTIVAL! I'm also moving within the week and I'm in serious denial too. Ugh! Good luck with the move!

  5. It has to be so hard to be leaving such a wonderful place! Reading your blog makes me want to go back to Italy so badly… I only visited on vacation but it was so amazing. Good luck with your last few days and the next adventure!

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