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I don’t do heat. I just don’t do it at all. I shut down, it makes me crabby, and plus, I sweat* a lot; I’m just not a pleasant person to be around when it’s hot. And you guys, it’s HOT in Alabama. Like, step-outside-and-it-feels-like-you-walked-into-a-sauna HOT. So how do I cool off? Five words: ice cold water and air conditioning. (There are technically six words there, but I’m not counting the “and,” just so you know.)

I take Bella and Julia on a walk every morning and sometimes the only thing that gets me through that mile is my ice water and knowing I have a cold room waiting for me at the end of our stroll. Any other time I’m outside I’m anxious to either get inside my air-conditioned car or a cool store. Thank you, America, for believing in air conditioning!

Seriously though, I get giddy when summer is over.  It’s easily my least favorite season and I loathe it even more when I live in the south. Seeing and feeling the first change in weather is basically the best day of the year. Give me a cool, crisp day where I get to wear a scarf and have to warm up with a nice warm cup of coffee and I’m a very happy camper. 

I know some of you are already enjoying (the early arrival of) pumpkin spice lattes, and just so you know: I’m incredibly jealous of your cooler weather. But for the rest of us, how do you stay cool when the temps heat up? 

*Do you say sweat or perspire? My
dad hates it when we say sweat. “Animals sweat,” he says, “people
perspire.” To each their own, I suppose. I sweat. Sorry, Papa.

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I’m Natalie and I blog about food over at Oven Love.
I love creating new and inspiring recipes that are accessible for
everyone- even the novice cook. I’m all about flavorful, fresh,
from-scratch recipes with nourishing ingredients. Come on over and see
what’s new!
How do you keep cool during the summer?
my answer is the AC! It’s too hot in GA to cool off any other way. 🙂
My name is Ashley and I’m the
mama to our 2 “devil pups”! I write all about their daily life, and how
it effects me, my husband and our household!
How do you keep cool during the summer?
The best way to keep cool in the summer is a ceiling fan and a klondike bar!! Nothing beats it — and these days, they have a flavor for everyone!
I’m Jess, and I blog over at Being Mrs. Beer.  I live in the DC area and
blog about life with my husband and daughter Abigail, born in December
2012.  I love talking about motherhood, food (mine and Abbie’s!), and
whatever random things pop into my head!
How do you keep cool in the summer? 
 I know this is sad, but I am
SO not a summer person.  I’m really looking forward to fall and sweater
weather!  That being said, I do love swimming in the pool with my little
Bonjour, y’all! I
write about virginity and sex; religion and feminism; books and boobs.
My blog is a melange of humor and anger, personal reflection and
societal criticism, all written with passion and the desire to influence
others with my experiences.
How do you keep cool in the summer?
 It’s been a mild summer
in the Midwest, but I survive the long, hot days with Diet Arnold
Palmers, a wide-brimmed straw white hat, and as few clothes as I can
legally and morally get away with wearing.
I’m Chantal! I blog over at Scattered Seashells. I’m wife to Brandon,
an Army helicopter pilot, and mom to Penny, an adorable toddler. My blog
is about me, my family, parenting, living a healthy life, being a
crunchy mom, and being an Army spouse
How do you keep cool during the summer?
I keep cool with ice cream, the pool, and some homemade lemonade!
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  1. As you can tell from my tweet this morning, I also just don't do heat, at least it's dry heat here, otherwise I would die lol

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