She’s On the Move!

This weekend we caught our little one inching her way towards a new milestone. One minute she was on her little play mat, rolling around and playing with her little duck and the next second she was several feet away trying to grab Bella’s toes.

She’s thisclose to crawling. CRAAAAAAAAWLING!

Don’t believe me? I have proof! Check out these videos:
(this is the first time I’m embedding a video from Instagram, so hopefully it works!)

And then this is from the very next day…

She’s just a wee bit over five months old* and already wants to literally get out and see the world. I’m not prepared to chase her around all over the place; I really thought we had more time before this happened!

Okay, so her crawl is closer to an army crawl, but she’s moving and getting to wear she needs to be pretty darn fast. I almost want to get her some knee pads, because her cute little knees are getting all scruffed up from the carpet. Poor thing!

We’re a few weeks away from letting her finally taste some real food. Ah! She’s just growing up so fast! 

*You’re not missing something; I still need to publish her 5-month post. I took the photos, but they’re on my camera, which is in my suitcase, which is in another suitcase, which is stored in a storage closet at the hotel. So…once I find some time to dig it out, you’ll see what else she’s been up to this past month. 
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  1. OH MY GOSH! I cannot believe what a little mover and shaker she is! And randomly, I am almost equally impressed with the embedded instagram video! I totally have to try that!

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