Six Things

I’m a sucker for surveys, especially on rainy days after a fitful nights sleep, so I was secretly thrilled when Casey tagged me in her post with random questions to answer.

1. It’s your last meal EVER…what are you eating?
New Mexican food. I sound like a broken record, don’t I? I can’t help that I’m completely smitten with the stuff! If I have to be more specific: It’d be from Papa Felipe’s and I’d have a margarita on the rocks, cheese enchiladas with onions and they’d be smothered in “Christmas” (red and green chile), with calabacitas and a taco on the side. Every meal comes with sopaipillas, so I’d probably order an extra one (it is my last meal EVER after all). I’d fill up one sopa with all my “extras” from my meal—you know, all the cheesy goodness that’s leftover—and then the other sopaipilla would be opened up and I’d drizzle honey inside. Goodness, now I want that meal!

2. Tell me about a time you felt in awe of something.
Looking back on it, I’d have to say giving birth. The sheer amount of work—the (wo)man labor that goes into it—is just amazing. I look at women with their pregnant bellies and I get emotional thinking about the joy that’s about to come. To actually produce a life is absolutely a miracle and completely awe-inspiring, and I’m still shocked that I did it.

3. If money were no object, what two things would you buy for yourself right now?
Easy! I’d pick up a Vespa; the only problem I’d have would be picking out a color. We looked into getting one when we were in Italy, but the price pushed us away. They’re more expensive out there and we’d have to pay registration, insurance, and road tax even if I didn’t ride it. Not cool. Oh, and I have to pick something else, right? I’d buy a cruise trip for my husband and me to go on. I’m itching to go on a relaxing vacation. I know we traveled a lot in Europe, but none of it was relaxing. I want to do nothing except pick what frilly drink I’ll have and what book to read on the beach. I guess I’ll also need to get a babysitter, too 🙂 Basically, I want another honeymoon!

4. If you could tell the blog world one thing (could be a tip, trick, gripe, praise, etc.), what would it be?

Dear blog world,
I love you. I big puffy heart LOOOVE you. The fact that so many of my closest friends in real life are because of this very blog still blows my mind. It’s truly my little home away from home and when I’m not here often, I miss it. Thanks for always being awesome and coming around to see what I have to say. And thanks for being my friend.

5. If you could have your blog or an article from your blog published in a fabulous book or magazine, what publication would you pick and why? 
The post that immediately sprang to mind was Loving my Tiger Stripes. I wish I saw more things saying, “Hey, it’s okay if your body completely changes during pregnancy.” Instead, I saw post after post and product after product, about how to cover up and make stretch marks fade. Unfortunately, genetics won over the fancy schmancy creams, and now I’m left with a totally new body that I’m still getting used to. It was a beautiful thing that my body did and I need to embrace it (see question number 2!). As for what publication? Possibly Glamour; I like that they try to empower women and the demographic would be a good fit.

6. Pick three bloggers: who’s your biggest blog crush, whose wardrobe would you love to steal, and who would you most like to travel with? 

Go figure that I have a crush on the one who tagged me. Love her blog, love her style, love her posts, love her has a person. Love, love, love. Go read Casey’s blog now! 
I know she’s pregnant, but I dig Amanda’s style. She makes her style so effortlessly adorable that if I ever get pregnant again (and magically got taller, lost dozens of pounds, and then lived on a beach), I’d steal her closet in a heartbeat!
I know you don’t see much more than her food and clever words, but Natalie is pretty much the bees knees and one of my favorites. I’ve technically traveled with her up to Atlanta for a weekend, but I’d love to do a girls trip with her somewhere. Without the kids 🙂

Now it’s your turn! Pick a question from above and answer it in the comments below…I’d love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I'm right there with you on wanting another honeymoon. Even though, after five years of marriage, we just took our honeymoon [cruise] back in May! The beaches of the Caribbean are calling my name again!

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