Awesome Stuff + September Sponsors

I found some pretty awesome stuff around the ‘net over the past month, and I want to share it with you. I really need to do a post like this more often, because the “awesome stuff” I find really starts to pile up over a month! Plus, you must, must, check out my sponsors below. I changed how I’m doing sponsorships (more manageable for me and more promotional for you), and now I want to show off those who’ve graced my sidebar for the month of September. Check them out; I heart all of them and I know you will, too.

I bought a teething necklace from The Vintage Honey Shop and I’m totally hooked now. I basically want one in every color/design they have. It’s a good thing Christmas and my birthday are coming up!

Staying home, or in a hotel (whatever) all day is starting to wear me down. I really miss just going to a coffee shop and working. I miss the entire ambiance: the people, the smells, the noise, etc. Then my husband found Coffitivity, a site that lets you “listen” to coffee shop noise. It’s like being there…only not. I heart it.

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Natalie scrounged up a plethora of paleo books. I want all of them. I also want my kitchen back so I can make some paleo-friendly bread. I miss bread. Only a few more days…

Speaking of being back in my kitchen, I want to make these mason jar salads. Now that I’m eating paleo, I’m eating a lot of salads. I’m always looking for ways to cup prep time down during the day for lunches.

Holy cow! Basically, this is the coolest birth story ever. It’s long, but so, so great.

I’ll admit, before I had kids I was one of the non-parents that he talks about in this post. And oh, how stupid I was. Now that I have a very vocal baby, I remind myself on a daily basis that she’s learning, exploring, observing, and becoming a person, and I can’t control that. Yeah, she wiggles and squeals when we’re out in public and one day she’ll throw tantrums in the grocery store when I’m there with her alone, probably after a very long day while my husband is deployed. But you know what? That’s life. Babies will be babies, and kids will be kids. I think I need to read this post every few months.

Confession time: I haven’t updated my iPhone yet. I know, I know. I keep meaning to, but I just haven’t yet. I will soon; I promise. Once I do finally update it, I need to use these tips so I can increase the battery life.

I loved, loved, loved this post: To People Who Complain About Sponsors. It just touched on so many things I’ve been thinking about lately. I don’t have a huge blog with thousands of followers, but I’ve been doing this for awhile now (going on nine years), and I put a lot of thought, time, and energy into it. I’m also not ashamed to say that I do hope it grows and becomes a little something more. I also know the power of this blogging community and how important it is to network. I love helping other bloggers get their posts and name out there, but that takes time and effort. Bonnie hit the nail on the head and that post really resonated with me. Read it and let me know what you think.

Since we’re on the subject of sponsors, here are the fabulous bloggers who’ve graced my sidebar over the past month. I’ve loved keeping up with these ladies and really encourage you to check them out!

I’m Jess, and I blog over at Being Mrs.
Beer. I’m a wife to Chris and a new mom to our daughter Abbie. We live
in the DC area and I write about my adventures in daily life and
motherhood, plus a bit of love for my Virginia Tech Hokies! 
Posts you must read:

Hello friends. I’m Erika, and I write at chambanachik.
I’m a wife to Sky, and a mama to Millie (3) and Walter (nearly 3
months). He spends lots of time with the Army Reserve, they spend lots
of time keeping me busy, and when I have time to myself, there’s nothing
I’d rather do than put pen to paper and pour out my heart.
Posts you must read:

Hey there, My name’s Ashley and I write Raising Our Little
Devil Pups. I’m a SAHM to a 1.5 year old boy and a 3.5 year old girl —
who both keep me on my toes! I write mostly about our every day life —
what trouble the kids are getting into, the fun activities we get to do,
and the friends we meet along the way! Hope you’ll pop over and say

Raising Our Little Devil Pups

Posts you must read:

Hi I’m Mrs. B, I blog at World Traveling Military Family!  I’m a proud
Air Force wife to my hubby, Mr. B.  We have 3 kids and a Westie who
accompany us. We have lived in Alabama, Iceland, Japan, and are heading
to Germany in November 2013!  I’m a labor doula, photographer, crafter,
just to list a few.  I love traveling to new locations, meeting amazing
friends along the way, and of course posting all about our adventures!  
Posts you must read

So I finally revamped my sponsor page and I think I’m done moving things around. I’m pretty excited about what I offer now, and hopefully those sponsoring me are benefiting from it, that’s the goal after all! Different ad sizes will get you different perks throughout the month, so basically you can go all out with a feature ad and I’ll promote the heck out of you, or if you want a no-frills space just with some publicity, I have that, too (and sizes in between). Check it out and see if there’s something you like. I’m all about trying to work with you to help promote your site with my readers (and I have some fun things in store for my October sponsors)!

I’m feeling overly generous now that the weather is finally changing, so through October 1, if you buy an add, slash 40% off the price with the code HappyFall. That means you can get an ad for as low as $1.80! Awesomesauce.

Happy Weekend!
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  1. I immediately clicked on the Coffitivity link, and listened to it while reading the rest of your post.. still have it on now, actually. What a cool idea!

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