Julia Grace {month six}

Grrr. I can’t figure out why, but the photos below are posting really fuzzy/pixelated on my end and not at all how they look in the original version. Pretty annoying, if you ask me.

Dear Julia,
Six months ago you changed my life when you took your first breath. I’ve seen you grow in so many ways, which is utterly amazing. You’re growing up so fast, and are completely eager to see this world around you. You already have such an adventurous and observant personality. If you’re not wiggling in our arms, you’re trying to inch worm your way to find something shiny on the floor. You long to be free! Part of me wishes you’d slow down and just be a baby; there will be plenty of time for you to grow up later. 
Some days I’m genuinely afraid that I’m going to give you a hickey or leave bite marks on you, because I give you so many kisses and nibble your munchable cheeks throughout the day. I blow “raspberries” all over your tiny body (your tummy and back of the neck are the hot spots that make you giggle uncontrollably), and I make the goofiest noises and faces just to get you to laugh. Your laugh still gets me every single time. You’re also starting to know your name, and you’re putting up your arms so I can pick you up when you wake up from a nap.

We started giving you solids a couple weeks ago, because you looked at our food with your big eyes, longing to try some. We gave you a piece of steamed broccoli and you gnawed it during our entire meal—thanks for letting us eat in peace for once! We’re attempting to do a mixture of purees and regular food so you can get a taste and feel for both of them, but right now you’d rather play and make a giant mess, which is okay for now. It’s pretty fascinating that this is all brand new to you!

You’ve changed and grown so much this past month that I can only imagine what we’ll experience in the next 30 days!

Love you, sugar plum,
Your Mama

Dear Gracie,
Holy buttermilk biscuits! You are SIX months old. Now if
that weren’t enough, you hit some pretty crazy milestones this last
month. Not only did you master learning
how to “sit,” you also figured out how to crawl across the room in lighting
speed, and you’re on the cusp of eating really real food. Not only have you hit this trifecta of
awesomeness in only a month, but you also did all this while living in a hotel
room. Which brings me to fun fact number
one: hotels are not Julia-friendly. 
In less than thirty seconds of your leapy-froggy-wibble-wobbly-sideways
crawl you can reach one of these fun items: dog food, dog water, a table, a double door, a three sided sharp kitchen
peninsula, your stroller, and a two trash cans. It makes it a little exciting whenever you romp, or pick stuff up. That leads me to fun fact number two: spoons. This month you have fallen in love with plastic spoons. You love them more than your lovey, your toys, your sweet
gummy bear teether, and probably more than Bella, but not more than your Mama and Papa…you still love us most of all. Those spoons have kept you more sane than I could
have imagined. You even let me feed you
as long as it’s on one of those spoons!
Anyways, next month we’ll head out of the hotel and move
back into a real house where you’ll have your very own room. I can’t wait to see what new mischief you
come up with out there!
I love you!

Your Papa.

Nicknames: Poopers, Droolia, Sugar Pie, Sweet Cheeks, Honey Buns, Honey Bear, Jules, NAKED BABY!!!

Likes: Crawling (army crawl, inch warming, moving around, etc.), trying to stand (seriously, stop growing up so fast, child!), Bella, and spoons…you’re obsessed with them.

Dislikes: Nap time and cold milk

Milestones: Crawling, sitting up on your own, starting to eat real food!

No well-baby this month, but I’m guessing somewhere around 13-14 pounds. Don’t even get me started on why she’s not going to her 6-month appointment. I’ve spent hours (yes, hours) trying to get an appointment in Alabama and/or Georgia to no avail. I’m beyond frustrated.

Clothing Size:
3-6 month.

Ugh. You don’t like the pack ‘n play for night time sleeping at all, so most of the time you start out there and then move into our bed, because I need to sleep somehow. I’m up two or three times because you get frustrated and won’t fall back asleep. And, since we’re in a hotel (and like three feet away from our bed), we can’t just let you cry it out. It’s frustrating for everyone. You also only take 30-45 minute naps during the day. I thought this was normal until I started asking around. It turns out a lot of babies sleep for more than an hour when it comes to naps. AN HOUR! Please try to be like these other babies…your mama’s tired and wants to get stuff done during nap time.

Random Tidbits:
Spoons! They’re becoming your security blanket. You start getting fussy and we just wave a plastic spoon in front of you and you’re a happy camper. You’re also starting to teeth a lot more hardcore lately. I keep looking for a little tooth to pop through, but I don’t see anything yet.

How are Mommy and Daddy Doing?
: We’re anxious to get back into our house. One month of hotel-living left. We’re doing pretty good for living in a hotel, but you want more room to
move around already. We’re getting a little cabin fever.

Here are some instagram pics from the past month: 

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  1. She is just so precious and beautiful! I'm sending her good sleep vibes so that you can all get some better rest in the hotel!

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