Six Truths and a Lie

1. I’m still wearing maternity pants. Things just aren’t quite the same after having a baby and those pants are just too darn comfy. I finally bought some jeans that I feel okay in, but every once in awhile I get cozy in my pair of prego pants. I actually foresee them making an appearance during Thanksgiving this year. I call that winning in my book.

2. I judge blogs by their title, which is ironic since I’ve always had a really hard time coming up with titles. I thought the one for this post was somewhat clever (and it hopefully made you want to read it).* Judging blog titles, by the way, is how I got my reader down from something crazy like 153548 unread blogs to zero.

3. We didn’t have TV for the two years we were in Italy; we just watched the shows we wanted online, so I got slightly overwhelmed by all the TV channels available. Well, instead of going through every single channel to find something to watch, I got stuck watching the Disney Channel for an entire afternoon.

4. My husband took the baby and a dog for a walk the other night, which gave me ample time to take a shower…a nice, long shower. I started shampooing my hair and couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t lathering up into big soapy suds. Heh, then I realized why: I was using lotion instead of the shampoo. #fail

5. We have Sirius radio in our new car and one of my favorite stations is “90s on 9.” It turns out that, even after all these years, I know every single word to MMMBop. (I was Team Taylor, by the way.)

6. I’m getting way too used to living in a hotel. We don’t have housekeeping come in every day, but a few times a week they take out the trash, give us new towels, and make the bed. It’s been awesome and I’m going to miss that part of hotel living when we leave.

7. I stayed up until 10 pm for the first time in months Sunday night just to see the crazy shenanigans happening on “Cutthroat Kitchen.” I usually go to bed around 8 pm.

*So, one of the things above is a flat out lie. Can you guess what it is? (All guesses will be entered to win a free large ad on my blog. Winner will be announced on Facebook on Friday evening. Don’t want to wait till then? Use the promo code “HumpDay” and get 30% off any ad now!)


  1. My guess is #6! I've lived in a hotel before during a PCS and it is NOT FUN (at least, I didn't think so)! And that was before our baby so I can't imagine doing it with a squirmy little one who just wants to play. Besides…you didn't mention getting the bathroom cleaned and that would be the ONLY part I like about having housecleaning. 😉

  2. So…I've done both 1 and 2, so I think they're true. I could see #3 happening as well as #4…sleep deprivation will do that do you.

    Totally guilty of #5 here. Proud of it!

    I would be sick of the hotel, but housekeeping is nice…so I'm going to guess #7 is the lie…I myself am guilty of staying up waaaay to late even when I'm exhausted!

  3. #7. There's no way you go to bed at 8pm!

    Also, we stayed at a Navy Gateway Inn for 2 weeks, and I also kinda liked someone else coming to clean a few times a week 🙂

  4. Hm, it's either #6 or #7 – From PCSing I know, just know no one could ever love any aspect of hotel living haha

  5. #7. I remember you complaining a few times that Julia just doesn't like going to sleep in the hotel! {Which hopefully, has gotten better for you!}

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