Julia Grace {month seven}

Dear Julia,
Holy cow, you’re just the most amazing little human in the entire world and I’m so crazy in love with you! You’re literally getting cuter by the day. We have a mirror for you in the car so I can see you while driving and you finally spotted me; my cheeks are guaranteed to hurt whenever I drive now, because we just smile and giggle at each other all the time (while stopped at red lights, of course.)
You’ve officially lived in two countries and two states, and you’re only seven months old—that’s amazing! This month we moved out of Alabama and into Georgia and you’re simply thriving here; the first night we were in our new house you slept five hours straight—in your own bed! That’s a whopping four hours more than you slept over the past three months. Needless to say, we’re already loving this new arrangement. This house is where your Papa and I first lived, and now it’s where you live. We’ve come full circle and we’re loving having you home! 

Love you, my baby girl,
Your mama! 

Dear Plumski,
Finally. We are finally out
of the hotel. Here’s how last month went
in your papa’s mind – ihatehotels.whywontshesleep.pleasesleep.pleasesleep.bellawhydidyouwakeher.pleasesleep.imisssleep.graciepleasetakethedogfoodoutofyourmouth. That was your last birthday. Since then it’s been better: first, we LIVE
day one back in the house was the silliest thing imaginable. Your mom and I were sleeping on an old leaky
air mattress and you were faaaaaaaaaar away in your own room for the. First. Time. Ever. 
Fun House-Living Fact #1: You like houses. You slept, uninterrupted and quietly, for the first
time in three months, for five hours straight. Needless to say, I’m happy to put you back into a real
house. Kinda. Fun House-living Fact #2: building furniture leaves scraps/tools/parts
everywhere, but leaving them in front of a
6-month old cutie-patootie who likes to stick things in her mouth ends
badly. So, the last few days has been a
mix of building, unpacking, all while making sure none of it reaches your mouth. So far you’re growing to love our old (but
new) house; you’re crawling all over and loving every minute of
it. One of your lovely grandmothers is coming
out this week to help keep random screws and other things out of your mouth
while your mom and I unpack all your stuff, and she’s promised to bring you allllll
sorts of toys to play with.

I love you!
Your Papa

P.S. Month Seven Spoiler!!! Fun House-living Fact #3: your
new toys are loud—nearly as loud as you screaming. 

Nicknames: Poopers, Droolia, Sweetie Pie, Sweet Cheeks, Honey Buns, Honey Bear, Jules, NAKED BABY!!!

Likes: Crawling, standing, trying to walk, bouncing, climbing, eating real food, looking in the mirror and noticing your Mama and Papa.

Dislikes: Forumla, being put down (we went to a squadron BBQ and all the other babies your age were playing on a blanket, but you screamed and put on a show the second we put you down. I think you were hungry and tired, but still, you did not like that very much.)

Milestones: Crawling all over the place, starting to use your “pincher” fingers to grasp things, finally slept through the night (at the very end of 6 months)

You weighed in at your 7-month appointment at 14 pounds, 9 ounces and are 27.75″ long. That puts you at the 11th percentile for weight and 92nd percentile for height. Basically, you’re the spitting image of your father.

Clothing Size:
3-6 month and some 6 month. Ha, a few 6-month outfits just swim on you.
YES!!! SO MUCH BETTER! Well, the beginning of your six months was just as bad as the last few months, but you turned a huge corner the week before your 7-month birthday. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Random Tidbits:
I wasn’t sure how we were going to make it living out of suitcases and in a hotel room for three months, but we did it! It was nice to have such a small place while you were learning how to crawl. You started getting cabin fever towards the end (we all did, actually), but it worked out.

How are Mommy and Daddy Doing?
: We’re doing really good, actually! Moving is tiring, but we’re supportive of each other and take turns watching you so the other can get some rest and time alone. We’re happy to be home!


  1. What a cutie pie, those pics are so adorable, can't remember what that age felt like with my little one. And that sad little face in her car seat just broke my heart I think 🙂

    love from Belgium,


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