My Christmas Wish List {part one}

Around this time every year I start getting emails from my mom asking me what I want for Christmas. Well, mom, here ya go! I’m beating you to it this time around—how’s that for procrastination?! The beauty of Christmas gifts for me is that if I don’t get something for Christmas, I can always hope I’ll get it for my birthday in January…ah, the upside to having a birthday after a holiday!

I wanted to share some of the things I’m digging, just in case you need some gift ideas this year. It turns out that this is just part one and I’ll be back next week with more lists for myself—this mama actually wants stuff this year! While I’m at it, I may as well declare next week as “Christmas List Week,” because I also have a list for Julia and my husband! Can you believe Christmas is just two months away? Where does the time go?

1. Wire Trey. I’m obsessed with this mail holder…except when it comes to the price. It rings in at 50 bucks, which is a little much if you ask me. The problem is that it’s awesome and I have the perfect spot picked out for it in my house. I really, really want this. (from World Market, $50)

2. Nikon 35mm Lens. I dropped my camera almost a year ago and it’s a little bit broken. I need to get it fixed, but I have a million other things on my to-do list, so I keep forgetting about it. My friend had this lens and I really liked it—it’s like the nifty fifty (a lens I have and adore), but I don’t have to back up to the other end of a room to take a picture of something. (from Nikon on Amazon, $200)

3. Dark Chocolate. If you know me at all then you know that I don’t like chocolate and I especially hate(d) dark chocolate. I must be a grown up now, because my tastes have officially changed. When we started paleo I discovered you can’t really have sweets, but dark chocolate (in moderation) is okay. Add some sea salt to dark chocolate and I’m basically in heaven. This chocolate makes me very, very happy. (from World Market, $4; but as long as it’s dark chocolate with sea salt, I don’t care where it’s from.)

4. Teething Necklace. I own one of these teething necklaces already and not only do I love it, but Julia is all over it, too…literally. The problem is that I now need one in every color/design. I picked a classic black and white design for simplicity sake, but I’ll gladly accept any color. (from The Vintage Honey Shop on Etsy, starting at $18)

5. Taco Holders. Okay, I know we’re doing paleo, so tacos are off limits, but when we do have tacos again (hello, cheat night!) I’ll need these in my life. As a girl who’s had tacos for the majority of her life, I can tell that the number one thing I hate about tacos is that they don’t stand up on their own, and there’s nothing worse than stuffing a taco only to have all of the deliciousness fall out. These would come in quite handy. (from Taco Amigo Tongs on Amazon, $4)

6. Vanilla Beans. I want to make my own vanilla extract again, so I need more vanilla beans. (from Beanilla, $40)

7. Blogging Mug. I like eating. I like blogging. I like love. Basically, I need this in my life. (from ShopCF on Etsy, $18)

8. Personalized Necklace. I don’t wear much jewelry, shoot, I don’t even wear my wedding band these days (still happily married it just…uh…doesn’t fit like it used to), but I like the idea of getting a simple necklace with a “J” on it for Julia. I like that this is tiny, simple, in the shape of a heart, and has a bit of character to it. (from JewelryByRMSmith on Etsy, $25)

9. Comfort Mat. Standing in the kitchen leaves my feet hurting some days, and these comfort mats are the best. I got one for Christmas a few years ago, but wear and tear left it without much comfort. A new one (or two!) would be so, so sweet for my feet. (from Imprint Comfort Mat on Amazon, $56)

10. Earrings. Unfortunately, the Etsy store doesn’t have this particular pair of earrings in stock anymore, but I puffy heart love them. Sorry for being such a tease. It looks like they take custom orders, though! (from AcuteDesigns on Etsy, starting at $14)


  1. That wire tray is gorgeous!! I really need to get my act together on a wishlist for myself … my kids? I have those down to a science!!

  2. I found those taco holders in the Mexican food aisle of our Commissary. Of course I took those suckers home with me! Word to the wise, the stand and stuff tacos are too big to fit 🙁

  3. Your gift-givers could luck out- I'll bet WM will put that cute tray on sale.

    Love everything else, too! I never bothered with a teething necklace with G, but I might have to get one the second time around.

    One last thing – what program did you create your collage in?

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