Tooth or Treat #SweetHalloween

Compensation for this post was provided by Crest & Oral-B via MSB New Media. All opinions expressed in this piece are my own.
I’m going to toot my own horn here for a second, so bare with me: I’m just shy of my 30th birthday and I’ve never had a cavity. *TOOT TOOT* Every time I go to the dentist I pray that my teeth are just as they were before; I’ve heard about cavities and they just don’t seem all that enjoyable.
I have another confession for you: When I was younger, my brother and I would go trick or treating and after we visited all the homes around our neighborhood we’d come home, dump our loot from the orange pumpkin “basket” on our living room floor, and go through them piece by piece (usually counting them since everything is a competition with siblings). As the strange kid who didn’t like chocolate (except Reece’s) I’d scavenge around to find the Twizzlers, Skittles, and Starbursts—those were my favorites. Then, (and this is really strange) I’d go and hide them in my room. I’d eat a couple first, but I wanted the surprise of finding candy later. I’d hide them between books or in a drawer that I knew I’d look in later. It was always exciting to find a little treat after Halloween was over. I have no idea what happened to the rest of the candy; I’m sure my brother must have loved Halloween since he basically got all of my candy. There was another reason why I didn’t eat them all at once: I remembered hearing that sugar could bring on cavities and I definitely did not want to stay at the dentist any longer than I ever had to. 
Now that I’m older, I know that regular brushing (and flossing!) can help you keep your pearly whites, white. I didn’t need to hide my candy to avoid a cavity! I mean, nothing is more horrifying than a Halloween without candy, right? That’s probably why I literally laughed out loud and practically peed my pants when I watched this video. I love how undeniably honest kids are, and how hilarious that makes them. I promise you’ll enjoy life a little bit more after you watch this—it’s that funny.

Hilarious, right?! I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve watched this over and over again, just because the kids are so gosh darn funny.

Thankfully, this Halloween, you don’t have to eat something that tastes like “a poopy pinata” or “rotten dough” in order to stay out of the dentist’s chair. Crest and Oral-B can help you with your Halloween “candy hangover” with products that will help you keep a pretty and healthy smile. If you use Crest Pro-Health Healthy Fresh Toothpaste, Crest Pro-Health
Multi-Protection Rinse, and an Oral-B Pro Health All-in-One Toothbrush regularly, and implement a daily routing, they can help improve the overall health of your mouth and protect against cavities, gingivitis, and plaque.

So now that Halloween candy is back on the table again, what do you do after the holiday is over and you’re left with pounds of extra candy? I asked some friends of mine what they typically do with their leftover loot and these are their solutions:

Laurie: “I send candy in gallon-sized bags in care packages for deployed soldiers.”

Jen: “I send candy to work with my husband so the fellows can eat it.”

Lori: “We always put some away and let them have a little at a time, but we’ll probably also take some to school this year and may possibly do the candy buy back that our dentist’s office is doing.”

Katy: “We give our candy away. Honestly, we trick or treat, I go through it, and then hand most of it off to the other kids that same night!”

Monica: “It sits around for a very long time and then I get sick of moving it from place to place, so I eventually throw it out.”

Or you can be like younger me and hide it throughout the house. Just kidding. If you have leftover Halloween candy, definitely check in with your dentist and see if they’ll accept your extras—some dentists buy it back and others will send batches out to troops overseas! They take it off your hands and others get to enjoy a special treat = win/win! (If you want to personally send military members your leftover candy, get in touch with me and I’ll get you an address!)

If you read this far, you’re in for a treat (Ha! See what I did there?). Leave a comment telling me what you do with your leftover candy, and you’ll be entered into to win a basket (with a full-size mouth wash, toothpaste, and tooth brush). I’ll pick a winner on Halloween. And, as an added bonus, click here for some #SweetHalloween savings. 


  1. I always used to make my candy last. For months. My parents used to get slightly irritated — I'd eat a piece here or there, but never wanted to see that it was ALL GONE … so I savored it. SLOWLY. Now?! I sort out only the really good stuff, let my kids have a piece or two here and there, and send the rest to work with M.

  2. My brother and I used to keep our candy around for awhile hoping it would last until Easter or at least Christmas but without fail my Mamaw would visit and somehow all our candy would be gone! She still has quite the sweet tooth 🙂 Now, we let Addy go trick or treating, pick out a couple treats for her and somehow try to get rid of the rest

  3. My MIL (who works at a dentist office) will hate me for saying this, but we always ate it! Now, we had a small street so there wasn't a TON of candy by any means, but we had a 2 piece per night limit, and it probably lasted through the month of November? I LOVE the idea of sending it to soldiers though – as a grown-up, I see the benefit of getting the heck out of my house!

  4. I always send leftover sweets to work with my husband. When I worked in the ER, anything in the break room would disappear during the night shift so it was perfect for getting rid of candy and baked goods. We snacked on anything and everything people brought in. It was awful, yet glorious at the same time.

  5. On the rare occasion there is left over candy… after sitting in our special dish… we throw it out. Chances are the leftovers are the yucky candy none of us would eat anyway.

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