Customized Wall Art {review}

Have you ever seen something and immediately thought, “I have to have that!”? That’s how I’ve always felt about those pictures composed of objects that look like letters that spell out something. Hmph. That description sounds way more complicated when I say it “out loud,” so I’ll just show you what I mean:

I’ve loved that particular decor since I first saw them—long before Pinterest, and even before my wedding four years ago. In fact, when I was engaged I traveled to England for a friend’s wedding and I had one mission in mind: take pictures of objects that look like letters so I could spell out my new last name. I wanted to frame the letters and put them up in my new house. It was very domestic of me and I even made little folders on my laptop’s desktop so I could keep track of all the letters I found.

Well, that goal got flushed down the loo real fast. Finding a variety of letters (and ones that I actually liked) in the form of objects was way harder than I thought it’d be. My last name has 10 letters and I gave up after finding two of them and didn’t think about it again…until recently.

One day not long ago, Letters From, LLC asked if I was interested in receiving and reviewing one of their customizable alphabet photo art. The best part was when Amy, the owner and photographer, told me the letters were all photographed around Italy and Ireland! Heck yes I was interested, and I knew exactly what word I wanted to create: Julia.

There was no doubt in my mind which collection I’d create my piece from. The “Letters from Italy” collection was just perfect, especially since that’s where Julia was born. I love that, throughout her life, she’ll still have bits of her past intermingled with her future.

I got right to work (and by work I mean it really felt like I was playing) creating the art. Their site was a breeze to work on, which is especially nice. You type in the word you want customize, decide what country you want the letters from and BAM! It shows you exactly what it’ll look like. Then the fun part really starts, because you can click on each individual letter and see what other options are available. From there, pick the color (Italy letters come in sepia and black and white, and Ireland comes in color, sepia, and black and white), then pick your matting color, and frame style. Seriously easy.

Not only would this look fantastic in a nursery (*spoiler alert* you’ll be seeing this again in Julia’s room reveal), but it’d look great anywhere in your home. The fact that it’s customizable and so personalized makes me love this even more. On their site you can purchase tons of other products: monogrammed frames, individual alphabet letters (in a variety of styles and colors), wedding guest book frames, and name/word frames. So many possibilities! Want to add some pizazz to your kitchen? Get the word “eat” or “enjoy.”
Need some artwork for your bathroom? How about “relax”? I don’t think I
need to tell you that the holidays are coming up and what a lovely gift
this would be for anyone.

If you’re interested in anything I mentioned above, then you’ll want to take advantage of this lovely promo code: use “jessicalynn” for 15% off any product. The code is valid until the end of the year, so think long and hard about who needs some personalized art in their life! And, because it’s the season for giving, like Letters From, LLC on Facebook, you may win something! From now until Christmas, they’re doing a series of giveaways!

*Letters From, LLC gave me a free print and frame in exchange for a review; however, everything I said above is my total and honest opinion. I only choose to work with products and companies I like and those I think you would like. 


  1. I love those. I've been in love with those since college… I tried to make one for a friend one time but got so frustrated trying to find all of the letters.

  2. Thank you Jessica for the lovely review! I am so happy you love your frame, and I can't wait to see Julia's nursery reveal!

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