My Husband’s Christmas Wish List

Since I’m on a Christmas kick lately (you an see my wish list here), I figured I’d ask my husband what he wants this year. He usually keeps a pretty well-stocked Amazon list, but it’s always full of books and CDs, and I wanted a more…um…exciting list. So this is what he came up with and I’m sharing it with you in case you need something to get the man in your life. (If any family members are planning on getting him something from this list, talk to me first. His birthday is next week and some of these things may already be purchased for him!)

As an added treat, I’m letting him write about each product since he knows about them better than I do. Take it away, Kenny!

1. Instant-Read Thermometer: One of my heroes, Alton Brown, uses this thermometer for all of his cooking awesomeness. With a double-oven, a new grill, a paleo-diet, and a modern American Mega-Mart at my fingertips, I’d be stoked to have a sweet thermometer to make sure I don’t poison the family with undercooked food. (from Amazon, $96) 

2. Wool-blend Zip Jacket: It’s cold right now and I need a jacket. That could be because the A/C
is on right now, but I bet a new jacket will get some use. How cold does Georgia get in the winter? (from Old Navy, $56)

3. Cuisinart Dough Blender: Back in Italy I had a $2.49 dough blender and it stunk. Literally (we didn’t have a dishwasher) and figuratively (didn’t work all that well). A new one would be pretty swell. (from Amazon, $10)

4. Cordless Drill: My old drill is actually my dad’s old drill. It’s like 15 years old, needs three batteries to run for 30 minutes and makes an odd sound sometimes. Makita makes a great drill, and this one is strong enough for anything I’ll need it for. (from Home Depot, $99)

5.  Lodge Pre-seasoned Skillet (15″): Please see number six. Insert more awesome. (from Amazon, $16)  

6. Lodge Reversible Grill and Griddle: Grilling is awesomely fun. My electric range top is awesomely lame. A griddle makes the awesomely lame range, awesomely fun. Awesome. (from Amazon, $29)

7. BigShock Infinite: After I’ve had my fill of woodworking, or at 2 am when I’m up with a screaming munchkin, a video game is a nice way to waste some time. BioShock 1 & 2 were great games, this one promises a great story and fun game play. (from Amazon, $37)

8. The Anarchist’s Tool Chest book: One of my hobbies when I’m not being a dad, at work, deployed, working on master’s degree, or cooking, is woodworking. Before we moved to Italy I was looking at getting a whole suite of power tools, but most are loud, expensive, dusty, and bulky. This book makes the case that you really only need a small set of old-school hand tools to do anything you want. (from Lost Art Press, $37)

9. A Shave Set: I’ve had an old, 5-buck shaving brush for years now, and dozens of its whiskers end up on my face when I use it. A nice one (with a stand) would last for awhile and keep the bathroom a weeeeee bit cleaner. This company, located in my home-state (shop local!) makes the shaving soap I’ve used forever, and all their products are high quality and just all around good. (brush, $58; stand, $37; soap, $3.90; from Col. Ichabod Conk)

10. Plaid Shirt: Mmmmmmmmmmm plaid. Equally good looking in the garage, or for a night out on the town. (from Old Navy, $16) 

Thanks for all the gift ideas, Kenny; you just made shopping a heck of a lot easier! What are you getting your man for Christmas? (Still to come: Julia’s wish list!)


  1. Your husband has good kitchenware taste! I love all Lodge products! I actually have one of their cookbooks on my Amazon list!

  2. INTERESANTE! Gene is the hardest person to shop for and I just might have him set up an amazon wish list like this! Why have I never thought of it before? Also a great way for him to get me exactly what I want!

    I also love that Kenny is an active participant on your blog! How cute are y'all!?!

  3. You NEED to get your husband stuff from Art of Shaving! Being in the military I know he has to shave every day before duty. This stuff cost a bit extra, but it is WORTH every penny. It last a long time too. I buy my husband a new set every 6 months.

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