Paleo Ponderings: An Update

We’ve been “paleo” for the past three months, so I wanted to chat a little bit about how it’s going.

First, I need to get down the the nitty gritty: The last time I weighed myself was more than three months ago, sometime in July, before the movers took our stuff. Between that time and when we actually started paleo, we ate our weight in pizza and pasta (just typing that made my stomach growl and tears form in my eyes), and then moved back to America where we proceeded to eat delicious New Mexican food and fast food along our road trip from New Mexico to Alabama. I say all of that, because there’s a very good chance that I definitely put on more weight in that short amount of time, so my last weight (pre-paleo) could’ve actually been higher. But, as of Saturday morning, I am down 10 pounds from the last time I weighed myself in July. That 10 pounds down put me at one pound below my pre-pregnancy weight!!! Hello, milestone; I jumped up and down when I saw that number. I should also mention that I haven’t done a single ounce of exercising in that time. Paleo works, my friends!

I’m still being fairly strict with what I eat, but I’m not extremely hardcore: I put creamer in my coffee every morning and I have no intention of giving that up; I sometimes eat oatmeal (to help with milk supply); I occasionally eat grilled corn on the cob, I use butter, soy sauce and other “not allowed” seasonings; I take bites of my husband’s burger at restaurants, sneak in croutons (and ranch dressing) at salad bars, have cheat nights at Mellow Mushroom once in a blue moon, enjoy a Blue Moon every now and again, and we may start adding legumes back into some of our meals (like in chili, because chili needs beans). That was a pretty hefty list, but it’s all in moderation. Luckily, we meal plan and shop for food weekly, so if I don’t buy it, I don’t eat it.


Do I miss bread, pasta, pizza, tortillas, and cheese? Eh…yes and no. I miss making sandwiches and burritos, but I like tasting the fillers so much more now. By the way, eating a burger without the bun, but with allllll the toppings is simply delicious—same goes for unwrapped fajitas! I do still miss is the convenience of my non-paleo lifestyle, because it’s not easy to “eat on the run” with paleo and going into a restaurant/fast food joint just to have a salad isn’t always convenient, especially with a little one. Now that we’re home, we’re going to start experimenting with breads (and by “we” I mean, “my awesome husband”). Speaking of my husband, he doesn’t need to lose a single ounce, but he’s extremely supportive of this endeavor and scarfs down every paleo meal I put down in front of him.

So that’s where we’re at. It was a short and sweet update, but I wanted to let you know that we’re still going strong. I’m eating about 90% paleo, I have more energy, my weight is down, clothes are fitting better, food has never tasted better, and I have no intentions of stopping anytime soon. Woo!

I posted one of our favorite recipes (this sauteed tomato sauce), but I have a few more in the works. I tend to post pictures of our meals on Instagram and with those snapshots come questions from you guys about paleo, so if there’s something you want to ask about what we’re doing, go right ahead!


  1. Sounds like you are doing AWESOME! And congrats on the 10 lbs! I'm with the other commenter — where do you find your recipes?! My husband tends to be a little picky and wants FLAVOR without feeling like he's missing something!

  2. Congratulations on the weight loss, energy, and rockin' at meal planning! We haven't ever done a huge amount of breads or even beans really – but I'm not sure how I feel about giving up cheese. Is that pathetic?

  3. I am DYING laughing at you because it sounds VERY similar. I have been prepping my paleo revisit post for a little while and you're cracking me up.


  4. I miss the convenience of the conventional American diet too. Gosh, sometimes I just want to make a sandwich for lunch! But a Paleo-ish diet is worth it. I see the benefits too.

  5. Good for you, girl!! Glad to hear Paleo is working well for you guys! I'm not sure I could ever give up cheese myself. Kudos, my friend!

  6. We did Whole30 (30 days of strict, strict paleo) and I didn't think it was that bad! For some reason the fact that it was a countdown until when I could cheat instead of "I'M NEVER EATING BREAD AGAIN!" made it bearable. Plus I lost 20 lbs in 30 days with no exercising, so that was pretty cool. I think we're going to do another Whole30 in January to detox from the holidays. 🙂

  7. I've been approaching the paleo diet like you have…little cheats here and there. But, I LOVE it! I don't miss the bread and pasta one bit. I find that I enjoy cooking so much more when following paleo recipes (and there are so many sites dedicated to paleo recipes now!). Thanks for the update!

  8. We are using the 21 day sugar detox to get us back into Paleo, right after Tough Mudder with the goal of a good whole30 starting in January! The convenience of the SAD is what always throws us off track! CONGRATULATIONS on your success and milestone! ROCK ON!

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