Thankful for Thanksgiving

It’s no secret that I LOVE THANKSGIVING. Yes friends, I love it so much I feel like shouting it from a mountain top—or in this case, “yelling” it online in all caps. What makes it even better is that my husband is home for the holiday this year. Last year I celebrated with my segregate military family in Italy while our spouses were deployed. Seriously, thank God for good friends who become family when you’re real family is scattered around the world.

This year we’re back in the home where we first started our Thanksgiving tradition. We’ve already made our menu, gone shopping, and created our schedule for the next few days to prep for turkey day. The best part (besides all the food, of course) is that my parents drove into town yesterday to help us celebrate our fifth year of hosting Thanksgiving dinner. EEEE!! Just typing that made me all excited again. You can see our base, tried and true, menu here, and I’ll probably share a few new reicipes (all suitable for Christmas), after the holiday (we’re making a couple new side dishes and new desserts—YUM).

As for what I’m thankful for, there are honestly too many things to share. This has been one of the best years of my life. Without giving you a long, laundry list of things I’m thankful for, I’ll leave you with this: I recently wrote a guest post sharing why I’m grateful to be a mom (and it may not be the cliche reason you think), so my daughter is at the very top of my list.

Since this is my favorite holiday, I wanted to hear what my sponsors for the month are thankful for, and because food is on my mind, I picked their brain about their favorite Thanksgiving dish, too! I’ve really enjoyed working with these ladies over the past month, and I know they’d be thrilled to get some love from you, so if something they said strikes your fancy, take an extra minute to click over and say hello!


Hello! I’m Fran, a 20-something grad-student and Army wife. I love all things chocolate and have a week spot for Nutella. Bibliophile for life and librarian in training, I power through books like it’s my job—which, hopefully it will be soon!

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My name is Kim and I’m the author of A Moving Story. I began blogging as a way to keep in touch with family and friends while living abroad. I blog about travel, food, inspiration, and my life as an expat! Through my posts, I share the authentic experiences of a 30-something wife, mother, and friend. I write about the ups and downs of my life, friendships, and adventures.
Hey there, my name’s Ashley and I write Raising Our Little Devil Pups. I’m a SAHM to a 1.5 -year-old boy and a 3.5-year-old girl—who both keep me on my toes! I write mostly about our every day life—what trouble the kids are getting into, the fun activivies we get to do, and the friends we meet along the way! Hope you’ll pop over and say hi!

I’m Jess, and I blog over at Being Mrs. Beer. I’m a wife to Chris and a new mom to our daughter Abbie. We live in the DC area and I write about my adventures in daily life and motherhood, plus a bit of love for my Virginia Tech Hookies! 
Hi, I’m Mrs. B, and i blog at World Travegling Military Family! I’m a military spouse who follows her active duty husband all over the world; we have lived in three continents(Alabama, Iceland, Japan, and we just moved to Germany!) We travel with our three awesome kids and our westie. I blog about photography, being a doula, crafting, DIY, cooking, recipes, traveling to new locations, meeting new friends along the way, and of course, posting our adventures. 

Flora Frocks
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I’m Meredith Davis. I was born and raised in beautiful Fairhope, Alabama—home of azaleas, the arts and crafts festival and panini pete’s. Tuscaloosa, Alabama, was my home while I got my bachelor’s degree in advertising—my passion! After graduating in may 2013, I now live and work in Birmingham, Alabama.
by night, I’m a blogger, writer, wannabe food photographer and social
media entrepreneur. I have been blogging for over a decade and started Foral Frocks in 2011.

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Because I’m in the spirit of giving, tell me about your favorite Thanksgiving dish and what you’re thankful for this year. I’ll randomly select one comment below on Wednesday, and that person will get a free medium-sized ad!


  1. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite meals!!! I don't know if I can pick just one dish… I think it's a three-way tie between the turkey & gravy, the sweet potato casserole, and the apple pie!

    I'm thankful for my boyfriend and our respective families, my friends, my job with its flexibility, hot tea, candy, and stuffed animals for snuggling when Beau & I aren't together.

  2. How wonderful that your parents came down! It will be us and a few friends for Thanksgiving. I'm excited.

  3. The rolls look wonderful! I make clover rolls usually out of better homes cookbook, this year will be first first year making them with my kitchen aid, hopefully I don't have any issues with the altitude! I might look for some other recipe's too, love cooking bread/rolls!

  4. My aunt makes this amazing cornbread! It's two boxes of the blue box jiffy cornbread mix, canned corn and eggs all mixed with buttered onions and topped with sour cream and cheese. I'm totally not doing it justice describing it but it is amazing and I can't wait to have it!!

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