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DIY Christmas Canvas Art

Two craft posts within a week (see my DIY Burlap Wreath)? Crazy, I know! Know what else is crazy? Christmas is TWO weeks from today, so I really wanted to get this up ASAP in case you need some last minute decor up in your casa.

DIY Christmas Canvas Art

Now about how I made this, because this is the really cool part. There’s one thing you should know about me: I can’t draw. I know writing isn’t drawing, but I have horrible penmanship all around; my handwriting seriously looks worse than if my 9-month-old daughter scribbled something.

So how in the world did I make this look so gosh darn awesome? Two words: carbon paper.

Make your own DIY Christmas Canvas Art!

I opened Photoshop and set the image size to the actual canvas size that I was working with (22″x30″, I believe), and then picked what fonts I wanted to use (Bombshell Pro and Mossy), and played around with different hues.

From there, I typed out what I wanted to say so it would be the actual size when I printed it out. Which leads me to the next step: I printed it out. Then, I taped the pages down where I wanted them to be on the canvas, placed a piece of carbon paper underneath, and started tracing the letters. Easy. Peasy.


this is upside down because I’m left handed and didn’t want to smear it along the way!

Once the tracing was complete I started filling in the letters. I almost went with acrylic paint or paint pens, but I found metallic Sharpies for half the price, so that’s what I used.

The whole thing set me back $15—at most—and now I have enough carbon paper to last a lifetime and three colors of metallic Sharpies. I’m already dreaming up more projects now that I can “draw” and “write” basically anything I want on canvas. I know this may sound silly, but I’m thrilled with how this looks and I often catch myself just staring at it!

I have to be honest, this is (possibly) half finished. I have plans (and the stuff for it) to add stenciled glitter snowflakes, but I don’t actually know if I’ll get around to adding it this season. That’s kinda how I roll with
crafts; I’ll start them and then sometimes not necessarily finish them. I’m also thinking about adding a layer or two of glitter mod podge to it so the whole thing will have a light shimmer. Luckily, I think this looks pretty good on its own, but snowflakes and glitter could add a certain pizazz.

Not an artist, but want some art for your walls? Try this easy peasy DIY Christmas Canvas Art craft. No skill needed, and the outcome is wall-worthy!

 What do you think? Should I just let it be or add a bit more oomph?
If you make your own DIY Christmas canvas art, what would you write on yours?


  1. WOW, I am totally impressed! You sure do make it look easy even for someone who doesn't have an artistic bone in her body, namely me!

  2. I'm always nervous about doing crafts like these b/c I'm afraid to screw up the canvas. I LOVE the carbon paper idea though, and I'm sure I can pick-up the supplies on one of my 42 trips to Micheal's this week!

  3. This is awesome!!! I wish I had the time to do crafts – and this is so easy – just no time! Maybe some day!!!! 🙂 Great job, Jess!

  4. I love it! Great job and thanks for sharing! I think it looks awesome how it is, but you could also add the snowflakes – glitter is always good 🙂

  5. Love this! And I think it's great in its simplicity. I think that the phrase Joy to the World should be a big statement and leaving it alone like this makes it more bold. Carbon paper, who woulda thought?!

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  7. Jessica, I just found this on Pinterest — what a great idea! I've never thought of using carbon paper like this before, so this is a valuable tip. Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Hi there,

    I just purchased the Bombshell Font by Emily Line, and what I loved about it was the swashes and no lift spaces. I have Word 2008, and I was having a lot of trouble figuring out how to apply those. I figured out how to do the swashes (by checking the "Enable all ligatures in document") and then doing ==love++ to make the swashes. However, I can not figure out how to connect the words (no lift spaces) to make it all run together. I have found no tutorials or information on anything about this, and I have no way of contacting Emily Line because it doesn't list an email address or anything. I came across your blog just by googling bombshell font help and saw you had made a post about this font, and I was just wondering if you could help me figure out how to connect the words (if there's a trick like the == and ++). Thank you so much!!


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